Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 map and how to find hot spots


What does the Fortnite map look like in Chapter 4 Season 3? It’s the start of a new chapter, and a massive crater has opened up in the middle of the map, unearthing ruins and a lush jungle ripe with dangerous flora and fauna. It shakes up the map’s dynamic so much with its grindable vines that there’s much to get to grips with on this brand-new Fortnite map.

The battle royale game is constantly in flux, so everything in this guide could change throughout the season. As things like Fortnite NPC locations, weapons, and more change throughout the season, we’ll update you right here. So, pull up a chair and grab your best map-reading glasses; here’s your handy guide to the new Fortnite map for the latest season.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 POIs

With this revamp, some season 2 POIs remain, while others – located in the middle of the map – are totally new. Many of those that remain have still changed in appearance for season 3. All POIs, old and new, are listed below:

  • Creeky Compound – is a small base in the middle of the jungle, but who set it up? It seems to have a fair bit of equipment, though.
  • Rumble Ruins – a massive set of ruins in the middle of the jungle. It houses some great loot and even has secrets for those it deems worthy. Grindable vines are everywhere here.
  • Shady Stilts – a jungle fishing colony made up of bamboo buildings. They’re on stilts to prevent the mass of loot from being washed away whenever the river floods.
  • Kenjutsu Crossing – introduced in season 2, Kenjutsu Crossing is a more peaceful and rural area inspired by Japanese architecture, with a palatial centerpiece.
  • Knotty Nets – Knotty Nets is a fishing zone with plenty of smaller buildings around the water for more loot.
  • Mega City – is a Neo-Tokyo-inspired city filled with buildings littered with loot, new grind rails, and massive holographic images.
  • Steamy Springs – Steamy Springs is a more residential area of the new Japanese-themed corner of the Fortnite map, featuring Sakura trees, bamboo, and a flag capture zone.
  • Breakwater Bay – the medieval town on the northwest coast remains but has been reworked since it first appeared. It’s home to several houses full of booty.
  • The Citadel – a huge castle town, this area is well-guarded by a boss known only as The Ageless One.
  • Frenzy Fields – a huge farmland that has barns filled with loot.
  • Slappy Shores is a modern dockland with a factory where Fortnite Slap Juice is made.
  • Brutal Bastion – a castle high on a mountain filled with loot.
  • Lonely Labs – a modern polar expedition with very little loot.

Fortnite map - a supply drone hovering over a mall and bowling alley.

How to find hot spots in Fortnite

You may have seen a challenge refer to these POIs as hot spots, but what exactly are they? Put simply, a Fortnite hot spot is any named location that appears on the in-game map with yellow text. Only two or three locations per match will be hot spots, and they’ll change every game, so check the in-game map to get some intel in advance.

When you arrive at a hot spot, look for some drones flying around. Each one contains rare rarity or higher loot, so shoot them down to collect the goodies it scatters. Just be careful, as shooting them will alert nearby players.

That’s everything we know about the new Fortnite map changes. For more Fortnite goodness, check out how to get free Fortnite V-bucks. While many things have changed this season, you can now tame Fortnite raptors and use Fortnite keys to unlock special chests. Do also keep track of the new Fortnite weapons, as the entire arsenal has changed.

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