Snag basically every Valve game for an unreal 96% off


Valve’s The Orange Box is filled with some of the best PC games ever made: Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2, and Portal are industry classics and essential for anyone with a passing interest in the medium, if you haven’t played them you absolutely must. So what if we told you the collection is just $2 in the current Summer Steam sale, and what if we added that for just a few extra pennies, you can snag Half-Life 2 and over a dozen more Valve classics in one of the best deals going right now.

With the Steam Summer Sale ongoing and filled with plenty of incredible deals, from Elden Ring to a chunky Steam Deck discount, it can be hard to find a good offer, let alone begin to even choose one. This is where Valve comes in.

The deal for The Orange Box is definitely an absolute steal, but we’ve actually got an even better one for you. While it costs a few more dollars, you get almost 20 premium paid games. And it’s absolutely worth it.

Valve’s Orange Box Steam sale

The Orange Box contains some of Valve’s best-ever games, so here’s what you can get for literally just $2 / £1.67. Yes, this means The Orange Box is cheaper than a box of oranges, but here’s what Valve’s box contains.

  • Half-Life 2
  • Half-Life 2 Episode 1
  • Half-Life 2 Episode 2
  • Portal
  • Team Fortress 2

Valve Steam sale

The entire Valve library of paid games is also 90% off, so on top of The Orange Box you can snag literally anything (apart from one game, which we’ll get to) the team has ever made for almost nothing. If you don’t want anything individually, you can grab the 22 below games for just $6.54 instead – saving you $8 if you bought all the deals individually.

  • Half-Life is $0.99 / £0.71
  • Half-Life 1 Source is $0.99 / £0.85
  • Half-Life Opposing Force is $0.49 / £0.39
  • Half-Life Blue Shift is $0.49 / £0.39
  • Half-Life 2 is $0.99 / £0.85
  • Half-Life 2 Episode 1 is $0.79 / £0.66
  • Half-Life 2 Episode 2 is $0.79 / £0.66
  • Portal is $0.99 / $0.85
  • Portal 2 is $0.99 / £0.85
  • Left 4 Dead is $0.99 / £0.85
  • Left 4 Dead 2 is $0.99 / £0.85
  • Counter-Strike: Condition Zero is $0.99 / £0.71
  • Counter-Strike: Source is $0.99 / £0.85
  • Day of Defeat is $0.49 / £0.39
  • Day of Defeat: Source is $0.99 / £0.85
  • Deathmatch Classic is $0.49 / £0.39
  • Team Fortress Classic is $0.49 £0.39
  • Ricochet is $0.49 / £0.42
  • Team Fortress 2 is free
  • Dota 2 is free
  • The Lab is free
  • CSGO is free

As with everything else in the Steam Summer Sale, you’ve got until July 13 to grab this frankly astounding deal on Valve’s back catalog. If you’re missing anything from the Half-Life, Left 4 Dead, or Portal series, consider this an advanced warning: pick them up while they’re less than a dollar, each is entirely worth it.

The only Valve game not included in the bundle is Half-Life Alyx, but you can still pick the VR adventure up for 60% off at $23.99 / £19.99 during the sale, so it’s not all bad.

If this isn’t enough and you instead want a slew of games that cost, well, nothing, then we’ve got exactly what you need. We’ve broken down both the best free Steam games currently available, alongside our picks for the best free games across all of PC right now too.

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