Terraria “still sells like hot cakes, it makes it hard to move on”


Terraria still flies off the digital shelves twelve years on, as developer Re-Logic works on finishing the upcoming Terraria 1.4.5 update. While the next patch has been pitched as its last, with real talk of Terraria 2 development taking place, we’ve certainly been here many times before only to see new updates emerge. For his part, the creator of one of the best sandbox games says he has lots more game ideas that he’d like to bring to life, but acknowledges what incredible demand his breakout hit still inspires.

“After twelve years the game still sells like hot cakes,” Andrew ‘Redigit’ Spinks says on Twitter, in response to a question about whether the game has slowed down in recent years. “There is so much demand it makes it hard to move on.” The last sales update from Re-Logic proves his point; back in May, the team announced that they’d hit 44.5 million units sold, comfortably reaffirming its place as one of the best-selling games of all time.

In fact, Terraria YouTuber James ‘ChippyGaming’ Bennett points to a rather staggering statistic, which Spinks also shares. “From April 2020 to April 2022, Terraria’s sales went from 30 million to 44.5 million. On average that’s 604,000 copies a month!” It’s astonishing to realise that in the last two years, Terraria has actually increased its total sales by nearly 50% of the amount achieved in its first decade.

Re-Logic’s head of business strategy, Ted ‘Loki’ Murphy, also chimes in on the milestone. “What is crazy is that I remember being so excited about celebrating the 10 million milestone… it keeps accelerating though.” He doesn’t give away where the numbers are at now, but does tease, “Who knows, maybe we’ve already hit another milestone and are just waiting to share it for some reason?”

As yet another player jokes about the running trend of ‘final’ updates that the team has planned, only to build something new, Spinks simply responds, “I don’t even know any more.” He adds, “At this point it’s time to polish what we have done (which takes a while) and then put out an update.”

Terraria sales - in response to a question about Re-Logic's future and whether they'll make more games, Redigit says: "Hopefully for a long time to come! I have like three different game ideas I’d love to see become real someday."

Re-Logic’s vice president, Whitney ‘Cenx’ Spinks, said in November 2022 that “making a new game sounds a little bit better [than working on another major update] right now.” Murphy adds to that in light of the recent discussions, saying “there are very good reasons in regards to the health of Terraria itself at some point to focus on something new.”

As for exactly what that’ll entail, some form of Terraria sequel sounds to be very much on the cards. However, asked if he sees Re-Logic continuing to make games, Spinks says, “Hopefully for a long time to come! I have like three different game ideas I’d love to see become real someday.” So would we – there’s no denying that Terraria continues to be one of the best PC games of all time, but it’d be cool to see what else that team can cook up.

Terraria 1.4.5 update - an inflated pufferfish bounes on the sands, as a relaxed one floats in a bubble nearby.

In closing, we get another little 1.4.5 spoiler courtesy of Whitney, who showcases an adorable pufferfish pal that bounces along the sands, inflated and spikey, before plopping gently into the ocean waters and shrinking back down to normal size. That’s absolutely adorable, and I can’t wait to see them in-game.

For now, you can check out the best Terraria mods for plenty more great additions to your world. If you’re one of those millions of players that has picked the game up recently, our Terraria bosses guide is a great place to start.

Header image taken on the Forestia map created by Lady Forestia.

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