Does Persona 5 Tactica Have a Collector’s Edition?


Persona 5 Tactica brings to the gaming community a fresh narrative, the reemergence of familiar characters, and an introduction to new allies and enemies. The game revolves around a group leading an emotional revolution through a riveting combat journey. This guide aims to shed light on whether Persona 5 Tactica has a Collector’s Edition.

Persona 5 Tactica Collector’s Edition

No, Persona 5 Tactica does not have a Collector’s Edition. However, it does have a Digital Deluxe, Digital Standard, and Physical Launch Edition.

All versions of the game will come with the Orpheus Picaro and Izanagi Picaro Persona DLCs if you pre-order. The Physical Launch Edition and Digital Deluxe Edition will include some additional extras.

The Physical Launch Edition adds a unique touch by providing buyers with two exclusive coasters, which display artwork of Joker and Morgana.

Image: Atlus

On the other hand, the Persona 5 Tactica: Digital Deluxe Edition includes more in-game content.

The “Repaint Your Heart Challenge Pack” is one such feature, proposing a new test with distinct game rules, two added characters, and new battles that take place on dynamic stages. The Pack incorporates all-new details in the main game’s Report information, brutal Challenge Stages with exclusive clear conditions, and unique unit formations for subsequent playthroughs.

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Further augmenting the game’s appeal is the “Weapon Pack”, which injects a flair of style into the game’s weaponry. This pack includes a range of unique weapon skins, adding to the player’s arsenal as they progress through the main story.

Another noteworthy component of the Digital Deluxe Edition is the “Picaro Summoning Pack + Raoul Persona”. This pack includes an array of Personas that become available for in-game summoning once they transform into the Trickster’s masks. These Personas include Thanatos Picaro, Orpheus Picaro (female), Athena Picaro, Messiah Picaro, M. Izanagi Picaro, Kaguya Picaro, Izanagi-no-Okami Picaro, Ariadne Picaro, Asterius Picaro, Tsukiyomi Picaro, and Raoul. The Picaros can be used to bolster your team and provide a competitive advantage in battle. Additionally, these Personas can be summoned from the Persona Compendium at no cost for the first time.

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Persona 5 Tactica promises an emotional journey through a universe fraught with oppression. Players are called upon to lead an uprising, build a team, and face off against formidable enemies in dynamic combat. While the game might not offer a Collector’s Edition, the provided Digital Deluxe, Digital Standard, and Physical Launch Editions, coupled with their respective bonuses, ensure that the players’ experience remains rich and immersive.

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