Terraria creator banned from his own forums, but there’s a twist


Terraria is probably my favorite sandbox game ever, and it’s largely due to the creator’s connection with the community. Re-Logic, or more specifically Redigit, has dedicated his time to communication with the Terraria player base. From asking for suggestions to dropping hints about upcoming updates, there’s nothing Redigit is afraid to touch on with fans when it comes to his game. He recently took to Terraria’s official forums to share news about possible in-game features, but the fun was short-lived. Redigit has just been banned from his own forums… by his wife.

That’s right, shortly after Redigit left Twitter and dropped spoilers about the Terraria 1.4.5 update, he was booted from the game’s official forums by none other than Cenx. Whitney “Cenx” Sparks is Redigit’s own wife and the game’s co-creator, and she kicked her husband off the website as a joke, citing “Abuse of Power.” He responded after reactivating his Twitter, as a cute contest between the couple unfolded. Their relationship is literally goals, guys. Are you Team Redigit, or are you a part of The Cult of Cenx?

The situation has prompted jokes from other well-known figures in the Terraria community, such as YouTuber Chippy. He took to Twitter stating that Redigit had yet again moved to a new platform, “If you missed it, Red has been banned from the Terraria Forums and will now be posting exclusively on MySpace.” Chippy then posted the below photo appearing to be an old screenshot of Redigit’s MySpace, joking that everyone should “drop him a follow.”

Chippy's post on Twitter showing a MySpace screenshot of Redigit's profile

Honestly, the Terraria fandom is one of the most wholesome ones out there, and I could not be more invested in a game’s news than I am with this one. With Terraria sales continuing to soar, the community will continue to grow and the shenanigans hopefully will, too. For now, Cenx has taken the forums over to post spoilers instead of Redigit, so all hail the queen! You can find her most recent hints and more on the site here.

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