The Division 2 cheaters are getting the ban hammer from Ubisoft


The Division 2 will be seeing a wave of suspensions soon, as the MMO game has been fraught with players exploiting a glitch Ubisoft is yet to fix. With two week bans or more being handed out to players, and some potentially even being banned completely from playing, Ubisoft wants to level The Division 2‘s playing field.

Following players using the glitch to exploit progression in The Division 2, Ubisoft has released a statement.

“We want to take a moment to address an important matter concerning the Descent game mode,” Ubisoft says. “We are aware that certain players have been exploiting a bug in the game that allowed players to join another player already in Descent through the Ubisoft Connect interface and gain unfair amounts of XP and SHD levels.”

“We take these issues very seriously and are committed to maintaining a fair and enjoyable gaming environment for all players. We have thoroughly investigated the situation and identified individuals who have systematically used the exploits.”

Ubisoft adds that first-time offenders of the Descent glitch will be suspended and unable to access The Division 2 for two weeks, with their accounts flagged with another offense resulting in another, longer, suspension. Anyone that continues with offenses could also be banned from the game permanently.

Players that engaged in the glitch will also have their accounts rolled back, resetting any exploited progression, as Ubisoft wants to make sure “everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed and compete on a level playing field.”

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While some of Ubisoft’s punishments might seem a little over the top for this in The Division 2, it’s really the only way the developer can make sure that the players who’ve been going about their business as intended feel seen. While some glitches are often good fun or left in a game on purpose, live-service multiplayer titles need to get sorted quickly.

It’s also unclear if this glitch works on all platforms, because if it doesn’t then certain players are being given an express advantage while others are left far behind.

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