Street Fighter 6 knocks Elden Ring from its Steam Deck throne


Street Fighter 6 has taken the world by storm since its launch last month, but that’s to be expected from the latest installment of the beloved fighting-game series. Within the first week of its release, Street Fighter 6 amassed over a million players and sold an incredibly 50 million copies, and now there’s more for Capcom to celebrate as it’s now become the most-played game on the Steam Deck.

With the introduction of the new single-player World Tour mode, and Battle Hub, it’s no wonder why Street Fighter on Steam Deck is so popular. Being able to practice your Hadoken and Shoryuken on the go is everything a fan could dream of. While I personally prefer to play my fighting games on my gaming PC, being able to perfect your combos whenever you please seem like a no-brainer for Steam Deck owners.

Street Fighter 6’s victory was revealed on the official Steam Deck Twitter page, where it was shown to beat out a lot of heavy-hitters. Popular titles like Red Dead Redemption 2, Skyrim, and even The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt were among the top 20 games that Street Fighter 6 was able to beat out. It’s especially fascinating to see Capcom’s sixth game in the series knock Elden Ring down a peg, given the FromSoftware RPG has been a favorite of Steam Deck owners for months.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered and Persona 5 Royal also make an appearance on the coveted Top 20 Steam Deck games list. Steam Deck owners are likely catching up with the games, as both have highly-anticipated releases in their respective franchises on the way.

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