Apex Legends Master rank continues to fill, hitting wild milestone


The Apex Legends Season 17 Ranked system changes have been criticized for weeks now, and this new milestone is just another indicator that the newly-implemented features don’t seem to be working as intended. There are now over one million tracked Apex Legends players in Master and Apex Predator ranks, which is unprecedented. This stat is so far from the norm that it would be shocking if Respawn didn’t make significant changes to the FPS game next season.

Thankfully, we do know that adjustments are coming, whether they’re big or small. A Respawn developer recently confirmed that changes will be made to Ranked in Apex Legends Season 18. We can only hope that the update makes it much more difficult to earn points, even if Ranked doesn’t get reverted back to what it was before Season 17.

As it stands, all players pay the same flat point fee to enter a ranked match, then they earn points based on their performance in the match. Prior to this season, the ranked entry fee used to scale with your rank, so the higher your rank, the more you’d stand to lose if you performed poorly in a match.

This change, coupled with the fact that players can hide for entire matches to earn points, has made the ranked climb easier than it’s ever been. There have never been this many players in Master and Apex Predator ranks before, and there’s still a whole month left in the season.

ApexStatus – a well-known stat tracker in the community – provided the player count numbers for those high ranks on Twitter. The player count reaches over one million across all platforms, and the majority of the player base is in Master rank.

Apex Legends Master rank continues to fill, hitting wild milestone: game stats over a background image

Seeing as it’s a relatively easy climb compared to other seasons, now’s the perfect time for you to obtain those high-rank badges for your banners.

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