Your Diablo 4 storage is being upgraded “as quick as we can”


Diablo 4 is absolutely packed with loot, gems, and other trinkets to collect, but you really don’t get a lot of places to put it. Fortunately, that much-needed Diablo 4 stash upgrade is on the way, but Blizzard wants to make sure it gets it right. During its most recent Diablo 4 livestream, associate game director Joe Piepiora explains the work that goes into putting together feature updates for Blizzard’s newest RPG game.

“I’ll say real quickly, we definitely hear everybody about this,” Piepiora remarks in response to a fan question about the shortage of stash space. “We are talking a lot about what we need to do with this – we’ve got good plans of things we can do to improve the situation. I know it’s frustrating to hear me say, but the reality is that we’re moving really, really quickly on this and we’re trying to provide more space in the future, we’re figuring out how we’re going to get that accomplished.”

Piepiora notes that, while fixes can sometimes seem simple on the surface, the team prioritizes ‘getting it right’ over ‘doing it right now.’ Lead producer Tim Ismay adds with a smile, “Whenever Joe would like to make a change based on feedback he’s seen, the first version is always, ‘Can we do this immediately?’ Never, ‘Hey let’s get this in eventually, when it makes sense.’”

“One mistake some people make is this idea that [development] time is only ‘what it takes to implement,’” general manager Rod Fergusson chimes in, “and it’s not – it’s also what it takes to test and make sure that it’s robust and stable. We have some heroic engineers who can turn stuff around very quickly, but we also have some heroic QA teams around the world.”

Piepiora reflects on the already announced move to put your Diablo 4 gems into the materials tab, taking them out of your inventory and stash slots. “There’s lots of different ways to slice away at this problem [of inventory space] – that’s an example of what we’re trying to do to start trying to mitigate this a bit.”

“We’re trying to move very quickly in a lot of these things,” he explains, “some of them are a lot more challenging technically to do than others. But we are rapidly moving on as many changes as we can, because we are fervently trying to make the very best version of Diablo 4 possible in the fastest time frame that we can deliver to the playerbase.”

You can watch the discussion as part of the full Diablo 4 season 1 reveal livestream below, starting at the 1:39:58 mark.

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