Minecraft wiki considers moving on from Fandom


The Minecraft wiki on Fandom is considering moving its almost 9,000 pages of content to another hosting platform due to ongoing decisions that they claim are harming the overall experience on the sandbox game‘s information platform. Fandom is known for hosting thousands of wikis for dedicated entertainment-focused communities, and the Minecraft wiki is maintained by hundreds of readers every month.

The Minecraft community is undergoing an upheaval at the moment, as not long after Mojang said goodbye to the Minecraft Reddit of over seven million users, all of the editors of the Minecraft wiki over on Fandom are now discussing if they should leave that platform in favor of another.

Fandom is a wiki-hosting website that lets communities around the world create information hubs for any and all topics within that fandom, while also hosting forums. That said, the Minecraft community on Fandom’s hosting service is looking to move for myriad reasons, which include a large number of ads, the yellow Fandom sidebar allegedly being added without consulting wikis themselves, the focus on search engine optimization (SEO) over making an easy-to-navigate and use experience, and a sense that the number of editors and overall activity has allegedly plummeted since moving to Fandom.

These aren’t all of the reasons the community provides, but they hit on the main points. The recent Fandom Grimace promotion played a role too, as Fandom turned the McDonald’s Grimace wiki page into an advert for the fast food chain’s Grimace birthday promotion. This was allegedly done without informing the page’s writer.

“Fandom unilaterally converting several pages on the unofficial McDonald’s wiki to effectively become an ad campaign, including the main page,” The Minecraft Fandom discussion page writes. “The only communication about this beforehand were messages left on the admin’s message walls (both of which are inactive and didn’t give express agreement), vaguely mentioning partnerships but not the full extent of the changes. While perhaps unlikely to happen on this wiki, these actions have been viewed with significant concern by the community.”

The Minecraft wiki community on Fandom is considering moving to either Wiki.gg, the host of Bulbapedia, or ABXY. Discussions about the move for the English-speaking portion of the Minecraft Fandom wiki began officially on Monday, July 3, with deliberations set to end on Monday, July 17 ahead of a vote, but talks may be extended if the community feels it is still active. This would be a considerable shift, as Fandom pages like this can host everything from Minecraft shaders to Minecraft cheats.

“The Minecraft Wiki is discussing forking to another host due to various discontents with the situation on Fandom, including the reader experience, actions taken by Fandom, and reputation of the wiki in the wider Minecraft community from being on this platform,” the wiki page discussing the move says.

As of right now, the Minecraft Fandom community is having discussions about which wiki options they like best, as players rank the wikis they prefer the most.

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