How to make Plasteel in Nova Lands


Nova Lands offers an immersive experience that combines elements of exploration, combat, and automation in a fascinating factory building and island management game. Your new planet is teeming with enigmatic creatures, landmarks, and numerous activities, posing as your exciting new home among the stars. This guide provides detailed instructions on how to make Plasteel, an essential component in the game’s advanced stages.

How to Craft Plasteel

In Nova Lands, Plasteel can be made by combining Steel, Plastic, and an Animal Scale together in an Industrial Refiner. Once you’ve added all three of these ingredients to the machine, it will merge them together into Plasteel.

The most puzzling item to get is the brown one, which is known as an Animal Scale. This can only be obtained by creating an Animal Barn, adding Scortixa capsules (aggressive brown lizards who live on the northern desert island), and then feeding them Nutritious Eggs.

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To start out your farming, you will need to research to Ranching 2, to obtain the Creature Capture ability, which uses your Extractor to turn animals into capsules. Next, obtain the Animal Barn by researching to Ranching 3. You can obtain Nutritious Eggs to feed the lizards by unlocking the southwestern island that contains bees, which pollinate trees by bringing berries over to them. You can expedite this process by adding farms that contain berry bushes for them to use.

Nova Lands Plasteel Research Tab
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Steel can be obtained by combining Copper and Iron Ingots together in an Electric Furnace. Plastic on the other hand will require Stretshrooms, which can be found on the northeastern water island. You will need an Industrial Refinery to create both Plastic and Plasteel.

If you need to increase your Stretshroom production, you can create farm plots and have your bots maintain it for you. There is also an upgrade for your character that will allow you to spawn and farm Mega Stretshrooms, which will drop greater quantities of the valuable mushroom.

Plasteel is largely used to create advanced components for computer parts. This is a late game material, but you will also need some to unlock one of the islands!

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