Resident Evil’s original Wesker finally returns for new RE documentary


Resident Evil Wesker actor Pablo Kuntz, who voiced the iconic, shades-wearing villain in the very first RE game, is finally returning to the series after 27 years. Originating the character who has since appeared in Code Veronica, Resident Evil 4 Remake, and Dead by Daylight, Kuntz will serve as narrator for a new Resident Evil documentary that charts the creation – and ultimate collapse – of a tie-in RE film originally envisioned by veteran zombie maestro George A. Romero. We’ve already seen the original Chris Redfield return to horror games, but now, Resident Evil and Capcom fans are getting another blast of nostalgia thanks to the re-emergence of the OG Wesker.

It’s hard to pick a favorite line. Maybe “wow, what a mansion!” Or perhaps “I’m sorry for my lack of manners, but I’m not used to escorting men.” Either way, the original Resident Evil Wesker remains a highlight of the entire survival game series, oozing smarm, sleaze, and cheap menace as you stumble across him throughout the Spencer estate.

And now he’s back. George A. Romero’s Resident Evil is an upcoming documentary film about how the famed Night, Dawn, and Day of the Dead director planned to create a tie-in movie for Capcom’s landmark horror series, and Pablo Kuntz, who voiced Wesker long before D.C. Douglas or DBD’s Connor Fogarty, is on board as the narrator.

Kuntz recorded the lines for Wesker when he was 24 years old and traveling in Japan. In the live-action cutscenes, the treacherous STARS leader was played by Eric Pirius, with Kuntz’s dialogue dubbed over the top.

As for the documentary itself, though it doesn’t currently have a release date, it will feature archive and previously unseen footage, detailing George A. Romero’s script for a Resident Evil film which was ultimately rejected by Capcom in 1998.

And Wesker isn’t the only member of the original Resident Evil cast returning to the world of gaming. Charlie Kraslavsky, the face of the first ever Chris Redfield, will appear in the upcoming Daymare 1994, itself an homage to classic RE.

All this talk of classics and the ‘90s has us in the mood for some of the best old games. You might also want to try some of the greatest zombie games to ever shuffle their way to PC.

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