Windows 11 update alleviates stuttering but it’s not a GPU fix


If you’re playing games on Windows 11 with a high-end mouse, chances are you’ve encountered inexplicable stutters. While it’s natural to assume something’s up with your GPU, it turns out that it might actually be your clicker, but Microsoft finally has a solution.

The big update to hit Windows 11 users this month has brought with it a hopeful end to the game stuttering that many have reported experiencing when playing games on the latest Microsoft OS.

The problem seemed to be caused by the ongoing demand pilled onto the Windows stack that can happen when a multitude of gaming devices are plugged into a PC at once. While having the best gaming mouse and keyboard can significantly boost your gameplay experiences, they can take their toll on your gaming PC. When all of these devices are plugged in at once, it takes your PC time and effort to process inputs, which can have a knock on effect on whatever you’re playing and cause stuttering.

The July Windows 11 update (KB5028185) has brought with it a hopeful solution to any game stuttering difficulties by “reducing the amount of processing time it takes to handle input requests by throttling and coalescing background raw mouse listening and capping their message rate.”

The Windows developer blog post also goes on to explain that prior to this update, significant stutter was noticed throughout popular games running on a Surface Laptop Studio with a 1,000Hz mouse. However, the July update has seemingly also improved on these issues, and if you’re playing games on a similar setup you can now expect an “uninterrupted gaming experience.”

If you’re still unsure about updating to Microsoft’s latest OS, you can check out our guide on how to install Windows 11. It’s still free for Windows 10 owners, but you can always grab a key if you’re building a PC for the first time.

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