Expand your Minecraft game with Wynncraft


With so many Minecraft servers out there to choose from, it can sometimes be hard to pick a world to venture into. Sites like Curseforge make it easier to filter out which servers might suit your interests best, meaning you get to head into the game and get exploring, surviving, and mining much sooner.

If you’re a fan of MMORPGs, then you’re more than likely to enjoy the Wynncraft server by the creator Salted. Wynncraft is self-described as the Minecraft MMORPG, and is packed full of content that is yet to bore its thousands of players. Wynncraft has been around for over a decade and has received constant updates since its inception, making it one of the most vast servers Minecraft players could experience.

Jumping into Wynncraft presents you with a rich world complete with a huge map, a number of different classes and skills, numerous quests, and impressively deep lore. Over the years, new content and settings have been added, including additional islands, monsters, and levels.

If this wasn’t enough, Wynncraft has just received a massive new update that brings a variety of fresh features, including upgraded Lootruns, brand-new abilities and items, and reworked dungeons.

Loot Chests & Lootruns

Like all MMORPGs, one thing at the top of any player’s list is finding and collecting loot, whether that be weapons, food, or armor. So far in Wynncraft, loot chests have been server-side, meaning each chest is first-come first-served and whichever player reaches any given chest first gets to take what they want and leave nothing for other players. This can be frustrating for some players, especially those slower and less experienced. However, the new update has switched these server-side chests to being client-side, meaning every player will have their own unique instance of every loot chest on the map, and it’s no longer a fight to get to the loot first.

The Silverbull Trading company has become a larger conglomerate that deals with various services within the world of Wynncraft. The new update allows players to visit the Silverbull headquarters in Cinfras to join the Lootrunning Division and work their way up the ranks to unlock fresh features, like new beacon effects. Lootrun Camps are placed in certain areas and by interacting with the Lootrun Master, you’ll get the option to start a lootrun. Each lootrun differs and successfully completing challenges will reward you with loot and bonuses. Having a good knowledge of the map will serve you well in these tasks, so new players might want to get to grips with the surroundings before delving in.

New Abilities

New abilities and balance changes have been added in this update for some of the Wynncraft classes. The classes with fresh abilities include the Archer, the Warrior, and the Shaman. These added abilities and balance changes help maintain an interesting experience, constantly keeping things fresh for returning players. The update has also brought along a large number of bug fixes, layout changes, and descriptions.

Reworked Dungeons

Defeating the dungeons of Wynncraft is no easy feat, and to keep things fresh and challenging, the creators have changed a few things up. The Lost Sanctuary Dungeon has now been replaced by a brand-new one – The Timelost Sanctum. Players who dare will enter a dungeon forever trapped in time, preserved in a moment of perfection. The dungeon’s challenges can be completed in any order, but they will become increasingly difficult as the spell is disrupted and the Sanctum is pulled closer to the present day. The Lost Sanctum will not be available right away, but players will get to experience it at a later date.

If you’re curious about Wynncraft and its new updates and want to find out more, head over to the CurseForge server browser where you can access and download a large variety of incredible Minecraft servers.

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