Intel Core 14th Gen release date may have leaked thanks to PC builder


There’s still no official word from team blue on when the Intel Core 14th Gen release date will fall, despite leaks aplenty on the specs and performance of the Raptor Lake Refresh. However, the unveiling of a new desktop PC range could give an insight as to when we’re likely to see new CPUs arrive on the scene.

Originally spotted by ITHome, a new line of desktop PCs from Mechenike said to incorporate 14th Gen processors is due to arrive in October. The range, titled ‘Machinist Dawn’ will also feature Nvidia GeForce RTX 40 series GPUs.

This launch window coincides with previous leaks surrounding the range of chips in the Raptor Lake Refresh, including the Core i7 14700K. That said, we’ll need to wait for Intel to give the final word before we can treat these claims as facts.

Either way, we’re eager to see how these new processors stack up against the best gaming CPUs of today, as their launch draws ever closer.

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