Remnant 2 already has almost twice as many players than the original


Remnant 2 has been making waves within the RPG game community, before its recent release and now even more so. Gunfire Games went hard with the From the Ashes sequel, pouring in hundreds of hours worth of content more for players to explore. It comes as no surprise then that Remnant 2 has already amassed a huge player base, despite having only been out for just one day. The amount of fans in-game becomes even more wild when you compare the peak concurrent player count of Remnant 2 to that of the original.

A day has passed since the soulslike game first dropped, but that hasn’t hindered its player count at all. As discussed in our Remnant 2 review, the expansive world and deep lore offered by Gunfire Games’ new title make it an experience that is close to being perfect. These features have helped the game skyrocket in popularity, with Remnant 2 hitting almost 83,000 concurrent players on Steam. This is a massive accomplishment if you consider the preceding game’s own statistics.

The original Remnant reached around 48,000 players at its peak back in 2019, meaning that the sequel has almost double the number of players in just a day. You can check out the full statistical overview of Remnant 2’s player base on GitHyp’s website here, where you can also see how many players are currently exploring the new game. Remnant 2 already has a very positive rating on Steam, with over 4,000 reviews to back the score up.

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