Fire Force Online [FFO] Sub Classes – Perks & Abilities


Fire Force Online, a compelling role-playing game hosted on Roblox, is heavily influenced by the much-lauded Shonen anime, “Fire Force.” It offers players an entry point into a world inhabited by pyrokinetic champions, partaking in high-stakes clashes with Infernals and various opponents. The game distinguishes itself with engaging gameplay and a faithful representation of the anime’s world, offering fans the chance to enlist in the Fire Force brigade and undertake riveting assignments. If you want to know more about Sub-Classes, we’ve got all the information you need.

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What are Sub-Classes?

Sub-classes serve as enhancements to your existing skill set in the game, becoming accessible through the guidance of trainers. These additional capabilities can be acquired once a trainer’s designated quest is accomplished. It’s important to note that the availability of these quests and consequently, the subclasses, commence when a player reaches Rank 25.

FFO Sub-Classes


Among the primary abilities of the Scientist Sub-Class is the ‘Bug Toss.’ This capability enables the player to launch an automatically aimed bug at their adversary, activating a flame status effect and stunning them. However, players should note that this attack can be blocked by opponents.

A special feature of the Scientist Sub-Class is the ‘True Form’ ability. It allows the player to transform into a state obtained through the outcomes of the in-game scientific research.

Another unique feature linked to the ‘True Form’ is the ‘True Form M2.’ This ability lets the player wield their distinctive ability, which is innately connected with their ‘True Form.’ The specifics of this skill vary based on the ‘True Form’ a player possesses.

The Scientist Sub-Class also possesses a passive trait, known as ‘Compound Eye.’ This passive ability enhances your dodge frames, providing an advantage in evading enemy attacks. With the Compound Eye, players of the Scientist Sub-Class can improve their defensive strategies, making them harder targets for their foes.


In the engaging universe of Roblox’s Fire Force Online, the Assassin Sub-Class stands out with its unique set of abilities that foster an elusive and tactical gameplay style.

One of the primary abilities under the Assassin Sub-Class is ‘Disappearing Act.’ This skill lets players utilize a smoke bomb, resulting in their character disappearing from sight. It introduces an element of surprise and stealth into the game, allowing players to strategically evade or prepare for an attack.

The ‘Inevitable Return’ is another key ability in the Assassin’s arsenal. This maneuver is activated when an opponent blocks the user’s parry. Upon activation, the player is teleported above the opponent and performs a down kick. This ability introduces an extra layer of unpredictability, although opponents can block the attack.

Lastly, the ‘Backstabber’ ability plays into the Sub-Class’s stealthy theme. When the user manages to strike their opponent from the back, this ability allows the damage dealt to be doubled. This provides a significant advantage to players who master the art of positioning and stealthy maneuvers, reinforcing the deceptive and agile nature of the Assassin Sub-Class.


The Engineer’s ‘Deploy Turret’ ability allows the user to spawn a turret, which shoots at any character within its proximity. This ability is blockable, but adds a robust line of defense for the player, providing additional firepower to keep adversaries at bay.

Another intriguing tool in the Engineer’s arsenal is the ‘Extinguisher Grenade.’ When deployed, this grenade disarms any character caught in its blast radius, disabling their abilities temporarily. Interestingly, this attack is unblockable, making it a potent offensive and disruptive tool in any encounter.

Further solidifying the Engineer’s supportive role, the ‘Stim Kit’ passive ability comes into play. This feature boosts all sources of regeneration, providing the player with enhanced survivability. For instance, if a player chooses the ‘healer stealer’ path, the healing they receive from certain attacks would see an increase. This passive ability emphasizes the importance of health management and underscores the Engineer Sub-Class’s role as a versatile and resilient force in the game.


The ‘Safeguard’ ability is one such instance, where the Priest possesses the ability to resurrect a downed player within their vicinity. This resurrection power not only reinforces the team’s strength but also strategically swings the momentum of the game in their favor, reinforcing the role of the Priest as a critical ally in any skirmish.

The Priest’s ‘Purify’ ability further emphasizes their role as a healer. This skill allows the user to restore the health of nearby allies, a crucial asset during intense battles. Healing not only boosts the team’s survival rate, but also prolongs their fighting capacity, underscoring the Priest’s value in maintaining the team’s overall vitality.

Enhancing the Priest’s skillset is the ‘Latom’ passive ability. This unique trait allows the Priest to inflict increased damage against Infernal players or NPCs. This feature grants the Priest a strategic advantage in encounters with Infernal adversaries, making them a formidable force even while emphasizing their supportive nature.


One of the key abilities of the Berserker is ‘Heavy Stomp.’ This ability encapsulates the brute force inherent in this Sub-Class. When invoked, the user slams their foot down on the ground, triggering three sequential blasts in their immediate vicinity. This creates an explosive ripple effect, putting any adversaries within range on high alert.

The ‘Battle Cry’ ability is another integral component of the Berserker’s repertoire. As the user lets out a defiant roar, it diminishes the power of incoming damage from enemies. This particular ability is unblockable, offering a decisive advantage in shielding the Berserker during intense combat scenarios.

Lastly, the ‘Gank Buff’ rounds off the Berserker’s skillset. This passive trait amplifies the user’s attack power based on the number of nearby combatants. With each hit exchanged, either dealt or received, the Berserker’s damage output increases. The potency of this ability maxes out at four individuals, making the Berserker a formidable opponent when surrounded by enemies. The ‘Gank Buff’ ability truly embodies the adage, “the more, the merrier,” converting the chaos of a crowded battlefield into a source of strength for the Berserker.

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