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Ready to dive into Baldur’s Gate 3? It’s an epic journey, and you know what they say, it’s better with friends. And by friends, we mean companions, the lifeblood of your adventure. Each with their own backstory, skills, and personality quirks. But how many of these colorful characters are there? What can they do? And when can you get them? Back up your gear because we’re about to embark on an adventure with your potential party members, and see how many companions you can get in Baldur’s Gate 3!

How many companions in Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 throws at you not one, not two, but a whopping 10 recruitable companions to have your back! We’re talking Astarion, Gale, Lae’zel, Shadowheart, Wyll, Kelemvor, Minsc, Shandril, Rakshasa, and Halsin. Each of them is unique, and every companion carries a special flavor to the gameplay and story; trust me, they’re more than just fancy background furniture.

Whether it’s sharing vital tips, dishing out advice, or jumping right into the thick of a fight, these companions have your back. Choose wisely because who you bring along could change your whole gaming experience. So, let’s meet some of these companions, shall we? But note that depending on your actions in the game, not every companion will be recruitable!

Baldur’s Gate 3 companion list and how to get them

The 10 recruitable companions are scattered throughout the three Acts of Baldur’s Gate 3. Below I’ll list the Act in which you can recruit them, but nothing more so you can experience finding them yourself. But below that, I’ll include the locations for each Baldur’s Gate 3 companion so you can find them on your journey.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Recruitable companions based on Act

Companion Act
Astarion Act 1
Gale Act 1
Lae’zel Act 1
Shadowheart Act 1
Wyll Act 1
Kelemvor Act 2
Minsc Act 2
Shandril Act 2
Rakshasa Act 3
Halsin Act 3

All locations of Baldur’s Gate 3 Recruitable companions

The other five companions cannot be accessed yet in Early Access, but this article will be updated when Baldur’s Gate 3 is fully released.

  • Astarion: You can find Astarion in the Goblin Camp in Act 1.
  • Gale: You can find Gale in the druid grove in Act 1.
  • Lae’zel: You can find Lae’zel in the Githyanki Outpost in Act 1.
  • Shadowheart: You can find Shadowheart in the ruins of the Narzugon Keep in Act 1.
  • Wyll: You can find Wyll in the Drowned Forest in Act 1.

All Baldur’s Gate 3 companion starting stats

Below are all 10 Baldur’s Gate 3 companions, however, these are the starting stats, so these will change as you begin to level up. The five new companions from Act 2 and 3 stats are included below but may vary for official release.

Companion Race Class Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
Astarion Drow Rogue 16 16 14 11 16 14
Gale Human Wizard 14 16 16 18 14 12
Lae’zel Githyanki Warrior 18 14 16 12 14 10
Shadowheart Half-elf Cleric 14 16 14 16 18 12
Wyll Human Warlock 16 16 14 14 14 18
Kelemvor Dwarf Cleric 18 12 16 14 18 12
Minsc Gnome Ranger 16 16 14 14 14 16
Shandril Half-elven Druid 14 16 16 14 18 12
Rakshasa Tabaxi Monk 18 16 14 12 14 16
Halsin Goliath Barbarian 18 16 16 12 12 14

Baldur’s Gate 3 companions who are good for beginners

Alright, newbie adventure, let’s start with some companions who won’t overwhelm you. They’re powerful, yes, but they’re also simple to use. Use them to understand the game’s mechanics and how Baldur’s Gate 3 works!


Image: Larian Studios

First up is Lae’zel, a tank in every sense of the word. High Strength and Constitution make her a formidable shield for your party. With her at your side, you can sleep easy. And her Charge ability? Let’s just say enemies don’t have time to blink.


Shadowheart from Baldur's Gate 3 looking into the distance
Image: Larian Studios

Next is Shadowheart, a cleric who’s got the healing touch. With her Wisdom and Charisma, she’s there to support you when things get tough. And her Turn Undead ability? Quite handy when you’re staring down a horde of well-undead—such as skeletons.


Wyll from Baldur's Gate 3 having a conversation
Image: Larian Studios

Then there’s Wyll, a charismatic warlock who’ll add a magical punch to your party. His Charisma and Dexterity make him a formidable damage dealer. Plus, his Eldritch Blast ability lets him dish out damage from a safe distance. Do not underestimate Eldritch Blast and an amazing ability in the early stages of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Remember, there’s no “right” beginner’s companion. Choose the one who best fits your playstyle and strategy.

Baldur’s Gate 3 companions who are good for combat

Let’s ramp it up a notch, shall we? Now we’re going to look at companions who are real game-changers when it comes to combat. These guys are tough, fast, and they can pack a serious punch.


Astarion from Baldur's Gate 3 looking very unhappy
Image: Larian Studios

Astarion, our resident rogue, is like a lightning bolt in battle. His high Dexterity and Charisma give him a unique edge in combat situations, making him an excellent damage dealer. His special ability, Uncanny Dodge, makes him a hard target to hit, ensuring he can keep delivering that damage round after round.


Gale from Baldur's Gate 3 having a conversation with a purple sigil on the wall behind him.
Image: Larian Studios

Then we’ve got Gale. He may look unassuming, but this wizard’s got a bag full of magical tricks. High Intelligence and Wisdom ensure he’s not just blowing smoke – he can pack a serious magical punch. Plus, his Fireball spell is a lifesaver when you’re up against a group of enemies – talk about a crowd-pleaser! But don’t use it close to your allies, as they will become extra crispy along with your foes.

So, that’s the rundown on the wide range of companions you’ll meet in Baldur’s Gate 3. Beginner or pro, there’s a character that’ll fit your style like a glove. It’s not just the journey but who you choose to travel with that makes the game an utter joy to play. Dive in and start your unforgettable adventure today!

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