Baldur’s Gate 3 Classes Guide – How many classes?


Baldur’s Gate 3 is a near authentic translation of the D&D 5th Edition ruleset, but of course, balanced for the video game medium. Alongside that, Larian Studios are faithful to the original classes of Dungeons & Dragons, so you have a lot to choose from along with subclasses as well. So how many classes does Baldur’s Gate 3 have to offer?

How many classes are in Baldur’s Gate 3?

There are 12 classes to choose from in Baldur’s Gate 3, which will make every run of the RPG unique. If you decided to choose an all-magic-users party, then good luck with trying to pass all those charisma checks needed to sweet-talk you through conversations or get what you want. But alas, at least you’d be the smartest adventuring party known to the Baldur’s Gate! Just don’t try and charm anyone, eh…

When it comes to Subclasses in Baldur’s Gate 3, however, there are 46 to choose from! This brings more customization to the game. Say you wanted to play as a sneaky Rogue and yet decided to add some magic to your play style. Well, you can if you choose the Subclass Arcane Trickster! Or perhaps you wanted a Cleric, not only to heal but wield powerful magic spells such as Fireball, choose the Subclass Light domain.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 Class List

Here is the Baldur’s Gate 3 class list:

Class Description Primary Stat
Barbarian A fierce warrior of primitive background who can enter a battle rage Strength
Bard An inspiring magician whose power echoes the music of creation Charisma
Cleric A priestly champion who wields divine magic in service of a higher power Wisdom
Druid A priest of the Old Faith, wielding the powers of nature— moonlight and plant growth, fire and lightning— and adopting animal forms Wisdom
Fighter A master of martial combat, skilled with a variety of weapons and armor Strength or Dexterity
Monk A master of martial arts, harnessing the power of the body in pursuit of physical and spiritual perfection Dexterity & Wisdom
Paladin A holy warrior bound to a sacred oath Strength & Charisma
Ranger A warrior who uses martial prowess and nature magic to combat threats on the edges of civilization Dexterity & Wisdom
Rogue A scoundrel who uses stealth and trickery to overcome obstacles and enemies Dexterity
Sorcerer A spellcaster who draws on inherent magic from a gift or bloodline Charisma
Warlock A wielder of magic that is derived from a bargain with an extraplanar entity Charisma
Wizard A scholarly magic-user capable of manipulating the structures of reality Intelligence

All Subclasses in Baldur’s Gate 3

There are 46 Subclasses to choose from in Baldur’s Gate 3, leading to massive customization. With all the Classes and Subclasses to choose from, your replayability value is through the roof, depending on time. Alas, time is every gamer’s enemy.

Class Subclass
Barbarian Wildheart, Berserker, Wild Magic
Bard College of Valour, College of Lore, College of Sword
Cleric Knowledge Domain, Life Domain, Light Domain,
Nature Domain, Tempest Domain, Trickery Domain, War Domain
Druid Circle of the Land, Circle of the Moon, Circle of the Spores
Fighter Champion, Eldritch Knight, Battle Master, Champion
Monk Way of the Four Elements, Way of the Open Hand, Way of Shadow
Paladin Oathbreaker, Oath of Devotion,
Oath of the Ancients, Oath of Vengeance
Ranger Beast Master, Hunter, Gloom Stalker
Rogue Assassin, Arcane Trickster, Thief
Sorcerer Draconic Bloodline, Wild Magic, Storm Sorcery
Warlock Archfey, The Fiend, The Great Old One
Wizard Abjuration, Conjuration, Divination, Enchantment,
Evocation, Necromancy, Illusion, Transmutation

Best class for Solo play in Baldur’s Gate 3

The best class for solo play in Baldur’s Gate 3 depends entirely on your playstyle; I recommend going with the Fighter class and Subclass into Battle Master. The Fighter is one of the simple classes to use in Dungeons & Dragons 5E and Baldur’s Gate 3 and is often the best class for beginners—so they can get used to the game mechanics and rules.

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The Fighter Battle Master is the best solo class for these reasons:

  • Ability to multi-attack.
  • Can use a bonus action to attack again.
  • One of the best classes regarding having tons of health/HP.
  • Not limited to any weapon or armor. Giving the class plenty of variety when it comes to user preference.

Best Class for Spellcasters in Baldur’s Gate 3

Ultimately, the best class for Spellcasters is what you enjoy playing. Now that does sound like a cop-out, but due to the customization of Baldur’s Gate 3, there’s a lot to choose from. However, here are some of the best Spellcasters to use in BG3:

Class Subclass Why
Sorcerer Draconic Bloodline You can turn into a dragon. What more needs to be said?! But honesty, the dragon can be used as a good tank or a DPS machine.
Sorcerer Wild Magic If you love chaos, then Wild Magic is for you. Your spells cast are entirely unpredictable, so they could turn the tide of battle or reduce your friends to ash.
Wizard Abjurer This Subclass is all about defense and using counterspell. So if you encounter some nasty spell casters, you can disrupt them from harming your allies.
Wizard Evocation If you want to rain down fireballs and destruction, then Evocation is for you. This class is all about dealing the damage.
Cleric Life Domain If you want a healer, Life Domain is the best Subclass, no questions asked
Cleric Tempest Domain Love the Cleric class and want to harness lightning while dealing tons of damage? Then Tempest Domain is for you.
Druid Circle of the Moon Ever wanted to run with the animals while being one of them? The Circle of the Moon allows you to shapeshift into powerful beasts.
Druid Circle of the Shepherd Circle of the Shepard allows you to call powerful nature spirits to aid you in battle.
Warlock Fiend Patron Make a pact with a powerful demon for a price and gain immense power.
Warlock Hexblade Patron Make a pact with a weapon, and in turn, makes your chosen weapon more powerful and grants you damaging melee abilities, but nothing is free,

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