How to Fly in Anime Fighting Simulator X – Flying Mount Guide


From the very first time I jumped into Anime Fighting Simulator X, it was clear this was no ordinary Roblox game. Battling alongside iconic anime characters and harnessing their unique abilities, it’s a gamer’s dream. But, there’s one mechanic that stands head and shoulders above the rest – flying. Soaring through the skies and getting a bird’s eye view of the world is beautiful. It did, however, require some effort to unlock this amazing feature. So, let’s dive into how you can gain the ability to fly in Anime Fighting Simulator X.

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Anime Fighting Simulator X How to Fly Guide

Ever since I unlocked my first flying mount in Anime Fighting Simulator X, the skies became my playground. The freedom of flight is simply unmatched! First, you’ll need a flying mount. Equip it, and you’re almost ready for takeoff.

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Once equipped, pressing Ctrl will bring you into hover mode, letting you float gently above the ground. But if you’re like me and can’t wait to soar, hitting the Spacebar elevates you, allowing free movement in the air. A simple tap of the Spacebar brings you back to hovering. Remember, practice makes perfect, so give yourself some time to get used to the mechanics.

How to Get a Flying Mount in Anime Fighting Simulator X

Image: Image: XanIsFresh

The skies of Anime Fighting Simulator X are dotted with various flying mounts, each with its own flair. While many can be acquired, my first was the Flame Flight Mount, and it’s relatively easy to get. Boom, your quest giver, will set you on your path to obtaining it. And if you hit any snags, our Anime Fighting Simulator X codes might just give you the boost you need. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Find Boom (he’s the NPC in the starting area).
  2. Complete Quests 1 through 21.
  3. Once done, equip the Flame Flight mount, and you’re set to fly.

For those willing to spend some Robux, the Dragon Mount is available for 799 Robux and is a speedy option. And for the most dedicated players, certain boss drops have a chance to be flying mounts, although these come with a touch of luck!

All Bosses that Drop a Flying Mount in Anime Fighting Simulator X

While the Flame Fight does its job, there are faster and sleeker mounts out there in the world of Anime Fighting Simulator X. Both Monkey and Friezy are bosses with mounts as potential drops. Here’s the scoop:

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A screenshot of a player flying the Cloud Mount in Anime Fighting Simulator X
Image: Smily
  • Battle Monkey, and with a bit of luck (5% chance), you could acquire the Cloud Mount, reminiscent of the legendary Flying Nimbus from Dragon Ball Z.
A screenshot of a player flying the Friezy Pod in Anime Fighting Simulator X
Image: Smily
  • Engage Friezy in combat, and you stand a 5% chance to earn the Friezy Pod Mount, mirroring Frieza’s Pod from Dragon Ball Z.

Defeating these bosses isn’t easy, but the rewards? Totally worth it.

How to get Psychic Flight Flying Mount in Anime Fighting Simulator X

A screenshot of the Psychic Mount in Anime Fighting Simulator X
Image: Gamerscape

The crown jewel of flying mounts in AFSX, at least for free-to-play players like me, is the Psychic Flight flying mount. It’s the fastest F2P mount, and here’s the catch – you need to finish the last Boom Quest of Update 1. Once done, the Psychic Flight is all yours, making you one of the swiftest fliers in Anime Fighting Simulator.

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