Palia Leather Guide – How to Get & Craft


Palia is an entrancing online-only game from the talented developer team, Singularity6. Now, leather might not seem like the most precious item, but trust me. It’s one of those resources you’ll wish you had more of as you dive deeper into the game. Essential for furniture building, the Standard Belt upgrade for insect catching, and even as quest items, it’s no surprise that many players, including myself, are on the constant lookout for it. So, let’s talk leather and how to get your hands on this valuable material in Palia.

A Complete Guide to Getting and Crafting Leather in Palia

Image: DaOpa

Ever found yourself wondering where to get that piece of leather for your next project in Palia? In my countless hours venturing through the closed beta, I’ve narrowed it down to three main ways to secure leather:

  • Craft it: Undoubtedly the most satisfying method. There’s nothing quite like using leather you’ve crafted with your own hands.
  • Request it: Sometimes, it’s about community. Put out a call, and your fellow players might just come through for you.
  • Buy it: When in doubt or short on time, hit up the shop. It’s straightforward and will save you the wait, but it might cost a pretty penny.

Occasionally, as a sweet gesture, villagers might send you leather in the mail, or you might earn it as a quest reward. But from experience, I wouldn’t rely solely on these methods. It’s a lovely gesture, but often it’s just not the quantity you need, yet it does help!

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How to Craft Leather in Palia

Ah, crafting – the heart and soul of many an RPG game. In Palia, the act of crafting leather isn’t just about producing a material; it’s about honing multiple skills. Before you dive in, there’s a bit of groundwork.

Firstly, make sure you’ve reached Furniture Building Level 2, so keep playing the introduction to the game, but it is helpful to have the Sawmill and the Smelter built and placed to help you construct the Fabric Loom.

When I hit this level, Tish reached out via mail, hinting at new recipes up for grabs. On meeting her, either in her bustling shop during the daytime or her evening visits to Jel, you can acquire the Fabric Loom plan – the cornerstone of your fabric and leather crafting journey.

How to Build the Fabric Loom

A screenshot of Palia showing the materials needed to craft a Fabric Loom
Image: DaOpa

Here’s what you’ll need to build the Fabric Loom:

  • Sapwood Plank x15: Crafted from logs.
    • The Sawmill is required to get Sapwood Planks.
    • The plan can be acquired from Ashura once Foraging is Level 2.
  • Plant Fiber x20: Often found during your adventures or can be crafted.
  • Copper Bar x2: Melt down those copper ores you find on your journeys.
    • The Smelter is required to make Copper.
  • Ceramic x5: Made from clay and a staple in many recipes.
    • The Smelter is required to create Ceramic.
    • The plan can be purchased from Hodari once Mining is Level 2.

With the Fabric Loom set up, it’s go-time! Interact with it, and you can decide whether you’re in the mood for fabric or leather. Remember, crafting leather will require 1 Sernuk Hide for each piece. If your inventory’s looking a bit empty, head over to Kilima Valley. Particularly near the Bahari Bay entrance, Sernuks are aplenty. Once you’ve got your hides, it’s a swift 5-minute process per leather piece.

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How to Request Leather in Palia

One of my favorite things about Palia is its community approach. When you’re in a pinch, or maybe just want to lean on the generosity of fellow players, you can request specific items, leather included. Using the social menu, you can send out a leather SOS up to four times daily. During my gameplay, I’ve been both on the giving and receiving end of these requests, and let me tell you, it’s a wonderful feeling.

How to Buy Leather in Palia

If you’ve got some gold burning a hole in your pocket, buying leather is a viable option. Once I hit Level 2 in Hunting, I had Hassian’s guild shop at my disposal. But if you’re eager, the Furniture Store in town sells leather right from the get-go. At 60 gold a pop, it might seem steep, especially if you’re buying in bulk, but sometimes convenience is worth the price.

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