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Surviving in a world dominated by the undead isn’t just about fighting off zombies. It’s about harnessing the resources around you to ensure your own survival. A crucial element of this survival, one that I learned quickly in my journey, is the art of gathering wood. This resource forms the very essence of a player’s existence in this unforgiving landscape. Whether you’re trying to warm yourself with a campfire during a chilly night or building a sturdy shelter, understanding how to procure wood is essential. Here’s how to get wood in Unturned

How to Gather Wood in Unturned

Equipping oneself with the right tools is the initial step to gathering wood in Unturned. During my countless hours in the game, I discovered the importance of having either an axe or a chainsaw for chopping down trees. A little piece of advice from me: if you’re on a hunt for a good fire axe, your best bet would be the Fire Department on your map. These vital tools can commonly be found in Civilian Lands or on Farms.

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Once armed with an axe, the action is pretty simple. Target those towering trees and keep hacking away. It may take more than a few hits as the tree’s durability depends on the type of tree it is. It might seem tedious at first, but trust me, logs are worth every swing worth it. These pieces are the building blocks of shelters, fires, and more. Now, if you come across a chainsaw, you’re in for a treat. Hold down your action button and watch as the tree succumbs much faster. Just remember, once that tree is down, the wood won’t collect itself. Ensure you gather the fallen logs and scraps.

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For the crafters out there, there’s more than one way to get an axe. If you’ve got the right materials, especially x2 Metal Scraps (which I often found scattered in various places), crafting axes or even hammers is a walk in the park.

And a word for those wielding a chainsaw: never leave home without extra gasoline. I learned the hard way. You’ll typically find Gas Cans near Gas Stations. Having them filled up is crucial to keep your chainsaw running. Just remember, a nearby gas station pump will do the trick.

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