Unturned – What Happens When You Die?


Navigating the world of Unturned can be quite challenging. From my own experiences and countless hours spent playing the game (and yes, making some rather questionable decisions), I’ve faced death in numerous ways. It’s natural to wonder: what really happens when you meet your end in Unturned? Well, having been there and done that, I’m here to share the ins and outs so that you can be better prepared, so what does happen when you die in Unturned?

What happens when you die in Unturned?

When the unfortunate moment arrives, and you succumb in Unturned, several things unfold. First and foremost, you’ll witness your entire inventory dropping. Everything you’ve painstakingly collected, from your trusty weapons to that last can of beans, will be scattered around your lifeless avatar. The good news is that if you’re swift (and a tad lucky), you can rush back to your previous location and retrieve your belongings. However, caution is key: if you face another demise on the way, or if you exit the game, those cherished items will vanish into the ether.

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Additionally, death in Unturned isn’t just a hit to your inventory. There’s also an impact on your skills and experience. Each time you die, expect to lose a chunk of the skills and experience points you’ve earned. But not all is lost: skills tied to your chosen profession remain intact. For instance, if you’re playing as a Police Officer, core skills like Exercise and Strength will remain untouched. But brace yourself, as most of your other skills will be reset to square one.

Can you turn off losing your items when you die in Unturned?

Now, for those who’d like a less punishing experience, there’s a glimmer of hope. If you’re venturing solo, tweaks in the player config settings can become your best friend. Set the parameter to 1.0, and presto: your skills remain as they are upon death. Alternatively, adjusting the game mode to ‘easy’ also offers a less brutal experience. For those in multiplayer, the power to alter this setting rests in the hands of the server host, so it’s worth having a word with them if you’re hoping for a change.

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