How to Become a Soul Reaper in Peroxide


In the world of Peroxide, players have the exciting opportunity to embark on a journey as a Soul Reaper. A complex and immersive process, becoming a Soul Reaper involves choosing your character’s gender, engaging with in-game elements, and achieving levels such as Shikai and Bankai. This guide elaborates on the steps required to become a Soul Reaper.

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Steps to Become a Soul Reaper

1. Choosing Your Gender

Begin your journey by selecting your character’s gender. This is the first step in entering the realm of Soul Reapers.

2. The Process of Dying

The path to becoming a Soul Reaper requires your character to die. This can be done in two ways:

  • Speaking to the character named Kisuke, who can make this transformation happen.
  • Alternatively, being killed by another character within the game.

The method involving Kisuke is preferable, as once you are killed by Kisuke, you should be equipped to become a Soul Reaper.

3. Understanding Your Location and Events

In order to navigate the game efficiently, especially during events, it’s vital to understand the locations. Once you respawn as a human, you’ll see icons that guide you to the Soul Reaper place. Knowing where everything is helps in progression and tackling missions.

Use the Seek Locations skill you get when you become human and head towards the white eyeball looking icon to talk to Kisuke.

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4. Becoming a Soul Reaper

To transform into a Soul Reaper, you’ll need to speak with Kisuke. When speaking, you may be reminded that you appear to be living and breathing, meaning you cannot join the land of the dead. Upon dying at this stage, you will then become a Soul Reaper, and your progression begins.

5. Starting Your Progression

As a Soul Reaper, you’ll be working towards two main achievements, Shikai and Bankai. The following explains how to progress:


  • Reach Level 15 and meditate.
  • Level up by participating in mission boards or raids.
  • Alternatively, the best place to level up is by going to Soul Society and engaging in invasions with teammates.
  • You can also gain experience and max out your combat or support stats through invasion missions.


  • More straightforward than Shikai, but requires more steps.
  • Begin progression after reaching Level 85.
  • Acquire 420 Bankai points through four ways: storming around cars, time gates, incursions, and invasions.
  • Two main methods are either farming storm or doing time gates, each providing points towards Bankai.

6. Accessing Re-Rolls and Mission Boards

Once a Soul Reaper, new icons appear for Mission boards and re-rolls for Clans. You can access all the re-rolls for your Clans at the top left, and you’ll need to keep spinning if you spawn with undesired attributes.

7. Limit Break Your Potential

Maxing out your level and limit breaking your potential is essential as it plays a role in progressing to Bankai.

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