Adopt Me Urban Egg Pets – All Rarities!


Roblox Adopt Me! is launching the Urban Egg, which will introduce 12 fresh pets for players to hatch and gather! This exciting egg will be available starting August 24th, 2023. Curious about which pets you can expect from the egg? We’ve compiled a list of all the pets you can get that can emerge from the Urban Egg in Adopt Me!

If you want to tick down the time until the new Urban Egg is available, head over to our Adopt Me Urban Egg Countdown page.

Adopt Me! Urban Egg Pet Rarities

Each egg should be purchasable for 750 in-game bucks once it has been released in Adopt Me!

Bluebottle Fly (Common)

Image: Adopt Me

The Bluebottle Fly is a tiny insect that shines bright blue in sunlight. These flies love to buzz around and might even land on your picnic! They’re super fast fliers and have big eyes to see where they’re going. If you look closely, their wings shimmer, but it’s best not to let them near your food.

Cockroach (Common)

Adopt Me Cockroach

Cockroaches are brown, flat bugs that come out at night. They have long antennae and skitter around quickly. While they might seem a little icky, they’ve been on Earth way longer than humans. That’s a long time! Some people say they’re the toughest bugs around.

Mongoose (Common)

Adopt Me Mongoose
Image: Adopt Me

Mongeese are small, furry animals that are super fast and smart. They are famous for being brave, even chasing away big snakes! With their sharp eyes and quick reflexes, they’re great at playing hide-and-seek in the wild. They’re like nature’s superheroes!

Tawny Frogmouth (Uncommon)

Adopt Me Tawny Frogmouth

The Tawny Frogmouth is a bird that looks like an owl but isn’t. They have big, wide mouths and are fantastic at pretending to be tree branches. At night, they use their big eyes to look for food. They’re masters of hide-and-seek in the trees.

Rock Pidgeon (Uncommon)

Adopt Me Rock Pidgeon
Image: Adopt Me

Rock Pigeons are grey birds that we often see in parks or on buildings. With their smooth feathers and round bodies, they love to peck at crumbs and coo softly. You might even find them making a nest in tall places. They’re city explorers!

Indian Leopard (Rare)

Adopt Me Indian Leopardjpg

The Indian Leopard is a magnificent big cat with beautiful golden fur covered in black spots. They’re graceful and move silently, making them great hunters. Living in forests and grasslands, they love to climb trees and rest on branches.

Toy Poodle (Rare)

Adopt Me Toy Poodle

Toy Poodles are tiny, fluffy dogs with curly hair that feels like a soft toy. They’re friendly, smart, and love to play fetch. These little dogs have big personalities and can even do fun tricks. They love being around people, especially kids!

Alley Cat (Ultra-Rare)

Adopt Me Alley Cat

Alley Cats are cats that wander around streets, looking for food and friends. They might have smooth or fluffy fur and come in all colors. They’re curious and like to explore, but they also love finding cozy spots to nap in. They’re little city adventurers!

Seagull (Ultra-Rare)

Adopt Me Seagull
Image: Adopt Me

Seagulls are white and gray birds that love the beach. They have strong wings to glide over the sea and sharp eyes to spot fish. You’ll hear them squawk loudly, especially when they see food. They enjoy riding the breezy winds by the shore.

Black Kite (Ultra-Rare)

Adopt Me Black Kite
Image: Adopt Me

The Black Kite is an impressive bird that loves to soar high in the sky. With long wings and a sharp beak, they’re masters of the air. You can see them gracefully floating on warm air currents, looking for food below. They’re like sky dancers!

Billy Goat (Ultra-Rare)

Adopt Me Billy Goat
Image: Adopt Me

Billy Goats are male goats with thick beards and curvy horns. They “baa” loudly and are curious about everything. They love munching on grass, leaves, and sometimes even paper! They can climb steep hills and love to play head-butt games with other goats.

Gargoyle (Legendary)

Adopt Me Gargoyle

A Gargoyle isn’t a real animal. It’s a stone statue you might find on old buildings. They can look like monsters, lions, or other creatures. They were made a long time ago to scare away bad spirits and to let rainwater flow away from buildings. Even if they look a bit spooky, they’re just make-believe statues!

Those are all the pets that have currently been announced, which will appear in the Urban Egg in Roblox Adopt Me! After some freebies? Head over to our Roblox Game Codes page to find a bunch of them!

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