Sunkenland Best Base Locations Guide


In the vast and challenging world of Sunkenland, building a safe base is essential for survival against mutants and other NPCs. But where should you set up your base? Are the better locations than others?

This guide will walk you through the best locations to build your base in Sunkenland.

Best Base Locations in Sunkenland

From my own gameplay experience, I’ve learned that the location of your base can make all the difference in Sunkenland. While water bases might seem like a good idea, they can be tricky if you’re not well-equipped with materials, weapons, and armor. So there’s a few options when beginning your journey in Sunkenland, and then move on when you become more accustomed.

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A strategy I’ve used is building around large rocks, like the one on the starter island. This natural barrier protects half of your base, and you can easily defend from the top, shooting down at enemies. Placing random walls or defensive structures can also distract enemies, making them easier targets.

For those who want a more peaceful base-building experience, Trader’s Island is a great choice. The pontoons around the island block mutants from entering, giving you a clear advantage.

One of the best spots I’ve found in my 40 hours of gameplay is on Radio Island, more specifically, the sunken skyscrapers behind it. If you build correctly, you can stay safe from most attacks and even shoot down enemies from a distance. Connecting all three towers gives you ample space, but be cautious with the black tower in the middle as it has some building restrictions. This is best created when you have a helicopter.

How to Defend Your Base in Sunkenland

Even with a well-placed base, you’re bound to face some attacks in Sunkenland. Here’s how to ensure your base remains standing:

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Delay Upgrading

Hold off on upgrading your bench to tier 2 until you’ve built a solid base. I’ve noticed that doing so prematurely can intensify attacks.

Stay Alert

The game’s music will change when you’re under attack. Always be on the lookout for mutants when this happens.

Use Spikes

While they won’t fend off all enemies, spikes can significantly reduce the threat from melee mutants.
Remember, the key is preparation. With the right location and defenses, you can ensure your base remains a safe haven in the challenging world of Sunkenland.

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