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Through the locked shed in Lucent lies a hidden entertainment spot where you can participate in a quiz show all about Sea of Stars. Engage in this fun game, and you stand a chance to win prizes, such as Gems. Some questions might catch you off guard, as some can be pretty tricky, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back so you can answer all questions correctly, even without Teak’s help!

Here’s a guide to all the answers for Question Pack 4 in Sea of Stars.

All Answers to Question Pack 4 in Sea of Stars

The Quiz Master is ready with a range of questions, split into two levels: casual and expert in Sea of Stars. The expert level simply offers more trivia questions than the casual one. Both levels come with rewards for every correctly answered pack. There are 11 question packs to find on your journey, so here are the answers to Question Pack 4 in Sea of Stars.

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Question Answer
Of the following species, which one can NOT be fished on Sleeper Island? Ghosturgeon
When playing Wheels, how many heroes is each player allowed? 2
Without any equipment, how much MP does Valere’s Lunar Shield cost? 11
True or False: The previous caption of The Vespertine was named Stormcaller. True
True or False: Captain Klee’shae acquired The Vespertine by spending a coin of Undeath Accord. False
How many potatoes are required to make one portion of Hearty Stew? 3
What is the name of the spirit who inhabits the Crypt? Cryptwalker
When Garl gave the new town its name, which of these did he pick? Mirth
Hortence the Ghost Navigator is famous for her skill with which instrument? Octave Mandolin
What is the title of the Hydralion, the sea monster summoned by Stormcaller for his ultimate attack? Ruler of Tides

Where to Find Question Pack 5 in Sea of Stars?

Sea Of Stars Question Pack 4 Chest Location In Swamp
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To find Question Pack 5 in Sea of Stars, you need to go to Mesa Island and then Songshroom Marsh. Progress through this area until you meet Yomara. Pass through the gate that unlocks shortly afterward, and head over the wooden bridge to find the chest.

And there you have it, all the Question Pack 4 answers, and where to find Question Pack 5 in Sea of Stars. If you need help with other question packs in Sea of Stars, we’ve got you covered!

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