Sea of Stars Question Pack 6 Answers


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Hidden beneath the secured shed in Lucent, there’s a secret entertainment spot where you can partake in a quiz show all about Sea of Stars. Embark on this captivating challenge, and you might just bag a wealth of prizes, Gems included. Some questions might be unexpected, but worry not! We’re here to help you ace each one, even if Teak isn’t by your side!

Here’s a guide to all the answers for Question Pack 6 in Sea of Stars.

All Answers to Question Pack 6 in Sea of Stars

The Quiz Master is ready with a range of questions, split into two levels: casual and expert in Sea of Stars. The expert level simply offers more trivia questions than the casual one. Both levels come with rewards for every correctly answered pack. There are 11 question packs to find on your journey, so here are the answers to Question Pack 6 in Sea of Stars.

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Question Answer
True or False: Of the Three Sisters, Yomara is the evil one. False
What is the name of the relic that increases the party’s Max HP? Amulet of Storytelling
If presented with a lock sequence of Poison, Sword, Sword, and Arcane, which pair could remove them all by each performing a potentially boosted regular attack? Resh’an and Zale
Of the following skills, which is the one that can cause enemy displacement? Abeyance
True or False: Glacial peak is on Mesa Island. True
What is the name of Resh’an’s healing potion? Petrichor
When playing Wheels, how much energy is generated by matching five squares? 3
Complete the following: “When the moon shines bright on autumn sheaves, comes forth the abomination of-“ Roots and leaves
Of the following species, which one can not be found on Mesa Island? Fluorescent Piranha

Where to Find Question Pack 7 in Sea of Stars?

Sea Of Stars Question Pack7 Rest Area And Chest
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To find Question Pack 7 in Sea of Stars, you need to go to Cerulean Island, then the Curelean Expanse. To find the chest, follow these directions:

  • South—this area after going right from the entrance.
  • Southwest
  • Southeast
  • South

Here, you’ll find a rest area and the chest containing Question Pack 7.

And there you have it, all the Question Pack 6 answers, and where to find Question Pack 7 in Sea of Stars. If you need help with other question packs in Sea of Stars, we’ve got you covered!

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