Fae Farm Romance Guide – Best Gifts


In the enchanting world of Fae Farm, tending to your farm isn’t the only activity that will keep you engaged. Just like in many RPGs and farming simulators, building relationships and choosing a romance option is a significant part of the gameplay.

Here’s a Fae Farm romance guide to help you woo the NPC you have your eye on!

All Romance Options & Best Gifts in Fae Farm

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Currently, Fae Farm offers six characters you can romance in Fae Farm. However, not all of them are immediately accessible; you have to finish a certain story beat for them to appear. Here are all six romance options in Fae Farm:

  • Argyle
  • Jack
  • Galan
  • Nhamashal
  • Pepper
  • Pyria

Building a relationship starts with giving gifts. You can offer them daily presents once you’re acquainted with a potential romantic partner. Each NPC has specific preferences, and while they’ll hint at their desired gift of the day, keeping a stock of their favorite items is a good idea. This ensures you’re always prepared to make a good impression.

Best Gifts for Each Character in Fae Farm

Each romance option in Fae Farm has a favorite gift they prefer over anything else, but they also have a number of options they like if you don’t happen to have their best gift on hand.

Here’s a list of the best gifts to give characters in Fae Farm:

Best Gift Other Gifts They Like
Argyle Rainbow Frog Blob Gobs
Bug Juice
Common Toad
Frog Sweat
Flutter Dust
Jack Brown Snail Beech Lumber
Chopped Fruit
Fruit Pies Fruit
Galan Unknown:
We’re finding this
one out
Baked Mac and Cheese
Candy Corn
Crystal Pepper
Deep-sea Delight
Scrambled Eggs with Fruit Salsa
Nhamashal Copper Ingot Polished Emerald
Polished Rose Quartz
Polished Sapphire
Pepper Berry Jam Berry Jam
Fish Jerky
Mushroom Jerky
Nut Butter
Pyria Unknown:
We’re finding this
one out
Black Lily
Black Trillium
Black Tulip
Black Zinnia
Fae Fairy
Fae Shadow
Gloom Shade

How to Unlock All Six Romance Options in Fae Farm

While Argyle and Jack are readily available in Fae Farm, but the other four characters will only visit once you remove the Whirlpools. This means progressing in the main questline is crucial if you want to meet and romance all available NPCs.

How to Give Gifts in Fae Farm

Gifting is reserved for those who’re interested in romancing in Fae Farm. While you can build friendships with other NPCs by chatting with them daily, only the romanceable characters can receive gifts.

The process is simple:

  1. Interact with the NPC.
  2. Choose the ‘Give Gift.’ option.
  3. Offer them their favorite item.

Remember, you can only give one gift per day, so making each one count is essential.

How to Go on Dates in Fae Farm

As you consistently gift your chosen NPC, your relationship will blossom, eventually reaching the ‘Flirting’ status. You can always check the status of your relationships by accessing the ‘Relationships’ icon in the game menu.

Once you’ve reached the ‘Flirting’ milestone, keep an eye on your mailbox. An invitation for a date will soon arrive. This date will also appear in your quest log under the ‘Romance’ tab. When you’re ready, approach the NPC and select the dialogue option to go on the date.

Building on this, some romantic interests might offer you daily quests. Completing these will earn you more romance points, but remember, these quests reset daily.

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