Fae Farm Upgrading Tools Guide


To progress in Far Farm, you’ll have to learn how to upgrade your tools or be locked out of areas before you do so. One example is the Saltwater Mines, where you must upgrade your pickax, as well as complete a quest to go beyond floor 15.

Use our how to upgrade tools in Fae Farm guide and learn which NPCs to speak to, when and how to unlock the mines, and the different types of ore you can get inside Saltwater mines!

How to Upgrade Tools in Fae Farm

In Fae Farm, the Blacksmith is the place to go for tool upgrades, specifically at Cinder’s shop. Conveniently located below the Town Center near the Docks, Cinder is your go-to for most tool enhancements.

But that’s not all. If you’re an angler at heart and want to enhance your Fishing Rod, Eddy’s place near the Stay-A-While Bay is where you should head. For those keen on catching critters, Mel in the West Town area will help you upgrade your Critter Net.

Why upgrade? Well, better tools mean you can gather more materials and do so faster. For instance, iron tools come with a power-up ability, letting you collect more materials in one go. This is especially handy when you’re deep in the mines and racing against the clock to return home before midnight.

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How to Get Ore in Fae Farm

Image: Phoenix Labs

Mining is a significant part of Fae Farm, and the Saltwater Mines is where you’ll find most of your ore. Around the 6th day of your journey, after completing a few tasks for Eddy, Cleo will hand over the key to these mines.

With key in hand, head southeast on your map to the mines. Here, you’ll use your pickax to break open rock clusters. You’ll discover switches as you clear rocks and fend off enemies with your staff. Activate these switches to access the next mining level.

Here’s a quick rundown of where to find specific ores and materials:

  • Silt: Found in dirt piles from level one and beyond.
  • Clay and Stone: Available from the first floor.
  • Coal: Dark grey rocks from the first floor.
  • Copper Ore: Starts appearing from floor two but is more commonly found from level six.
  • Iron Ore: This is a bit deeper, found from the tenth floor onwards.
  • Rough Citrine, Rough Peridot, and Rough Topaz: These are available from levels eight, twelve, and twenty-one.

To keep track of resources across different floors, use the Dungeon Tracker in the main menu. However, remember that you can only explore up to the 15th floor until you’ve upgraded your pickax and completed Cleo’s Magical Tool Hacks quest.

How to Craft Mining Seals in Fae Farm

Fae Farm Making Copper Seals
Image: Phoenix Labs

The mines in Fae Farm reset daily. Without a Seal, you’ll find yourself starting from the first floor every day. But with Seals, you can mark your progress and pick up where you left off.

To craft Seals, you first need the Seal Crafting Station, which requires 20 Stone and 10 Copper Ore. Once set up, you can craft various Seals. The initial floors of the mine need Copper Seals, which only need four Copper to craft, but as you go deeper, different floors will require different Seals. Always check which Seals you need before heading into the mines.

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