How to get Campfire Cookies in Adopt Me


In Roblox’s Adopt Me, the game’s most recent update has created an intriguing scenario. The Sky Castle, a prominent location in the game, has experienced a fall, causing unknown animals to escape and land on the island. The castle now houses a mysterious portal that serves as a gateway to another dimension. This new dimension is guarded by a character known as Tims, who will assist players in collecting the correct ingredients to make Baits. Amid these updates, players now have the option to create Campfire Cookies, a consumable item in the game. This guide provides detailed instructions on how to make these Campfire Cookies.

How to get Campfire Cookies

To create Campfire Cookies in Adopt Me, you will need to head to the Sky Castle and into the Fire Portal. Once inside, you will see a recipe that will require up to three different ingredients. These can be gathered within the cave. Once you have all of the ingredients, head back to the cauldron and throw them in to get Campfire Cookies!

It should be noted that the recipe will change each time you create cookies. Once you’ve completed the recipe, you will need to wait about 10 minutes for a new recipe to show up. While you wait, you might as well keep gathering as many ingredients as possible.

The Sky Castle is located right near the bridge at Adoption Island. Once inside of the castle, just keep running forward until you reach the Fire Portal.

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The recipe can be found at the top right of your screen or over the cauldron that is found where you spawn into the fire realm. Remember that it will change often, so just gather as many ingredients as possible!

Adopt Me Cookie Recipe
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The different ingredients are located on trees and mushrooms throughout the realm. Having a flying or rideable pet will make gathering them a lot faster. Another option is to use the various mushrooms in the area to bounce around to higher areas or get to locations quickly!

Adopt Me Fire Fruit
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After you’ve crafted some Campfire Cookies, throw them on the ground for a Wild Ash Zebra. When they arrive to eat the cookies, they will reward you with either Bucks, Molten Melon, or a Toy/Pet Wear. The one you’re hoping for most is the Molten Melon, which if you get six of them, you can turn it into Flaming Zebra Bait deeper in the cave at a different cauldron.

It has also been confirmed that when you craft your 5th Campfire Cookie, you will receive an Ash Zebra Bait.

Adopt Me Flaming Zebra Bait
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According to the update notes, it hasn’t been confirmed what the baits will do, but hopefully they will end up giving you either an Ash or Flaming Zebra Pet!

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