Starfield Akila City Puddle Glitch – How to Get Infinite Free Loot


Starfield players have managed to find a specific spot in Akila City, more specifically, a puddle that glitches into the Emerson Sheperd supplies chest. This can get you tons of supplies, 5000 credits, and more for absolutely free, and what’s best is that it can restock!

So here’s all the information on performing the Starfield Akila City Puddle Glitch to get some free loot!

How to do the Starfield Akila City Puddle Glitch

The puddle in question is located in Akila City, which is on the planet Akila in the Cheyenne system in Starfield. Cheyenne is to the north of Olympus and right of Narion. Once you land, follow the path into the city and keep an eye on the left-hand side for a shop called Shepherd’s; this is a general store.

Screenshot: Try Hard Guides

Now, to the right of the store’s entrance is a spinning object, and a hanging plant pot is above that. Line yourself up with this pot, and turn around. Crouch down and walk into the puddle just behind you. Aim around the puddle slowly. The supply hitbox was just out of the puddle when I attempted this. Be patient, and you will find the mark, and the pop-up window for Emerson Shepherd – Supplies will appear.

Upon finding the Emerson Shepherd – Supplies, you can loot everything for free. It will not be classed as stolen, and no one will know you are stealing everything Emerson Sheppard owns. This ranges from credits, food, Ship Parts, ammo, books, and everything you could get from a general shop. And the best part is the walk back to the ship isn’t that far.

Starfield Emerson Shepherd Supplies
Screenshot: Try Hard Guides

If you need a helping hand to find this, use this YouTube video by eXputer games; I used it to confirm the puddle glitch myself.

How to reset Emerson Shepherd’s Supplies in Starfield

To reset Emerson Shepherd’s supplies in Starfield, you only need to wait 24-48 hours, and it should resupply all of his stock. This is the same method on how to reset vendor credits. But sometimes, the Akila City puddle glitch will not restock.

Well, according to @infernas (first comment on this Starfield Magic Puddle YouTube video,) who had this happen to them several times when playing, if this happens after waiting 24-28 hours, go and speak to Mr. Emerson Shepherd himself and ask to see his wares. Back out, then go back to the puddle, and all his wares will be available for you to steal. Keep repeating this, of course, after waiting again, and you have an infinite loot-farming glitch!

I will say, at the moment, this puddle glitch works; however, it’s potentially going to get patched out pretty soon, so you may as well steal as much as you can while you can!

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