Lies of P Wine Location Guide – Old Lady Quest


In the dark and twisted world of “Lies of P,” players will find themselves navigating the disturbed city of Krat, where they awaken as a puppet created by Geppetto. This game takes the innocent tale of Pinocchio and gives it a grim twist, filled with unimaginable monsters and madness. As you delve deeper into the city’s secrets, you’ll encounter various side quests that challenge your intellect and decision-making skills.

One such side quest that has intrigued many players is the “Old Lady at the Window” quest. If you’re on this journey, here’s a guide to help you find the elusive bottle of wine and complete the quest in Lies of P. I’ll split this up into sections, as you may find the wine before speaking to the Old Lady.

Where to Find Wine in Lies of P for the Old Lady at Window?

The wine isn’t immediately available in Lies of P. You’ll need to progress in the Soulslike until you reach the Lorenzini Arcade level. This level becomes accessible after you complete the Rosa Isabelle Street level and defeat the King of Puppets boss.

In the Lorenzini Arcade level, you’ll discover an area where alchemists are trying to concoct a cure for the Petrification disease. As you venture further, you’ll come across a wine cellar guarded by a clown-like mini-boss. Once you’ve dealt with this threat, a door will unlock, revealing a wine bottle on a shelf to the left.

The directions can get pretty confusing, so I recommend watching this Lies of P YouTube video to help you locate the wine.

What to do with the Wine in Lies of P?

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The wine in Lies of P is to complete an optional side quest. You need to hand it over to an old lady. From the Rosa Rosa Isabelle Street stargazer, head through the gap in the railing and through the archway. Keep going until you can turn left and head up the stairs. Take two lefts, and you’ll start to hear coughing.

You’ll find a window with the silhouette of a woman inside. This woman, suffering from the Petrification disease, will ask you for a bottle of wine. Honestly, what else would you ask for if you’re going to petrify and can’t leave due to murderous puppets?!? I would be the same, but ask for several.

Lies of P Wine Rewards

With the wine in hand, return to Rosa Isabelle Street and hand it over to the coughing woman behind the window. As a token of her appreciation, she’ll reward you with a Venigni Commemorative Coin. This coin can later be appraised at Hotel Krat for a valuable Half Moonstone, essential for enhancing weapons.

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