Lofree sets a world’s first with its new Lofree Flow keyboard


Lofree has announced its latest keyboard, the Lofree Flow, a brand-new low-profile mechanical keyboard. The peripheral and hardware innovator created the Lofree Flow as the world’s first low-profile keyboard to contain Kalih full POM switches.

The Lofree Flow keyboard has something for everyone. Outside of its self-lubricating POM switches, the extremely thin keyboard, made up of an all-aluminum design, is available in two variants, a White Model with Ghost Switches, and a Black model with Phantom Switches. Both versions are fully customizable, allowing for the switches to be swapped out without the need for soldering.

Despite the metal frame, the Lofree Flow only weighs 568g, making it a great option for those who work, or like to play their favorite PC games on the go. The built-in USB Type-C, Bluetooth, and a 2,000 mAh battery, which can provide up to 40 hours of use from just being fast charged for 3 hours, will also keep you going, no matter where you plan on setting up a makeshift battle station.

While it can’t be denied that both versions of the Lofree Flow keyboard have a sleek and stylish look about them, customizable keycap sets are also available for those seeking a different aesthetic for their PC setup. Three keycap sets are available in total, ‘Retro’, ‘Alert’, and ‘Kickstarter’, each boasting of Lofree’s unique ‘Sublimation’ dye process which allows for a more vibrant and vivid look. The Retro set would look the part in any 80s and 90s computer classroom, with its off-yellow, gray, and orange color scheme. The Alert and Kickstarter consist of black, white, orange, and black, white, and green color schemes respectively.

Both the White model with Ghost Switches, and the Black with Phantom Switches versions of the Lofree Flow keyboard are available now to purchase on the Lofree website, for $159.00/£128.26. You can also purchase either version of the keyboard with any of the additional sets of switches if you prefer your keyboard to sport a more retro aesthetic. All versions of the Lofree Flow keyboard will be available on Amazon US early next month.

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