Elemental Dungeons Sus Vampire Guide


The Sus vampire is the only way to get elemental orbs in Elemental Dungeons on Roblox, so it’s a crucial NPC to find. When you really need the Sus Vampire, you’ll have to climb a mountain and be ready to spend a hefty amount of gold, but we can help you in both ways

The Sus Vampire is crucial to getting the Dash V2 and pairs great with our guides on getting Evil Drives and Evil Amulets. If you’re looking for a boost in gold so you can afford multiple elemental orbs, check out our Elemental Dungeons Codes page.

Where to find the Sus Vampire in Elemental Dungeons

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To find the Sus Vampire in Elemental Dungeons on Roblox, you’ll need to head into the town and go to the mountain next to the PvP Gate. You’ll see a castle on top of that mountain, which you can reach without any special jumping or dashing.

We like to just go up the path if you’re heading from the statue in the image above. From there, you’ll see it circle around the mountain, instead, you can just jump up the rocks that look climbable. Keep jumping and you’ll end up right next to the Sus Vampire.

Making it to the Sus Vampire doesn’t mean he will speak to you. He will not speak to you until you are level 40 or above. After that, he will give you a random element for 20k Gold. If you’re just starting out, this is a steep price to pay, and it’s definitely a pricey investment for those who are already at level 40. The elemental orb you want is also not guaranteed, so you’ll have to be lucky.

You can always just go to the vampire with another player or an alt account on another device and trade to get the element you want. In the case of users without a secondary device, we’ve heard of them dropping the element in a secret location, and then going to that location a second time on the same device to find the orb. Those items, however, are at risk of being lost or taken by other players.

You should be level 75 or higher anyway if you’re here for Dash V2, so this price should be fine for anyone who can enter the Snow Mountain.

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