What is Normal in Mode Blade Ball?


Blade Ball is a Roblox game that pits players against each other in a battle royale setting. The objective is simple: be the last person standing. When the ball turns red, it’s coming for you, and you better be ready to deflect it. Fail, and you’re out. Succeed, and the ball speeds up, making the next round even more challenging. With the introduction of Ranked and Pro game modes, you might be wondering, “What exactly is Normal Mode in Blade Ball?” This guide aims to answer that question.

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Blade Ball Normal Mode – What is it?

Normal Mode in Blade Ball is the game’s default mode. It’s what you’re playing if you haven’t specifically selected Ranked or Pro Mode. In Normal Mode, you don’t have to make any special selections; you just play the game as it is.

If you’ve ventured into the Ranked circle and chosen either Ranked or Pro Mode, then you’re no longer in Normal Mode. This is an important distinction, especially if you’re trying to complete season challenges for the S1 Battlepass. Challenges like “Play with 10 different swords in Normal Mode” or “Survive for a total of 200 minutes in Normal Mode” can only be completed in this default setting. But completing these quests is worthwhile since you can get pumpkins to help you get a Halloween Spin to get everything you need to unlock Phantom.

Can you complete quests in Private Servers in Blade Ball?

You can accomplish some of these Normal Mode quests in a Private Server. For example, the quest to play with 10 different swords can be done this way. However, daily quests, such as winning a game, cannot be completed in a Private Server.

Normal Mode in Blade Ball is the default, no-frills version of the game. It’s the mode you’ll be in if you haven’t specifically chosen Ranked or Pro Mode. It’s also the mode where you’ll need to be if you’re looking to complete certain S1 Battlepass challenges. Remember, some quests can be done in a Private Server, but daily quests require you to play in the standard game setting.

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