Do I Have to Play Control to Understand Alan Wake 2?


Are you excited about Alan Wake 2 but haven’t played Control yet? You might be wondering if you’re missing out on important lore or connections between the two games. This guide aims to answer that question in detail.

We’ll explore what the developers and the gaming community have to say about the relationship between Control and Alan Wake 2. Whether you’re a newcomer or a returning fan, this guide has got you covered.

Is Playing Control Necessary for Alan Wake 2?

If you’re wondering whether you need to play Control to fully grasp the storyline of Alan Wake 2, the answer is no. However, playing Control and its AWE (Altered World Events) DLC can enhance your understanding of Remedy’s interconnected universe.

What Do the Developers Say about Control and Alan Wake 2?

According to Remedy Entertainment, the developers of Alan Wake 2, you don’t need to have played Control to enjoy their upcoming sequel from their Alan Wake 2 FAQ. They have designed Alan Wake 2 to be a standalone experience that both newcomers and returning fans can enjoy. The game is filled with lore and connections that will delight fans, but these are not prerequisites for understanding the new game.

Community Insights on Control and Alan Wake 2

A Reddit user who recently finished the remastered version of the original Alan Wake on PS5 asked the community if playing Control is necessary from a lore perspective. The general consensus is that while it’s not mandatory, playing Control can provide a richer understanding of the interconnected universe that Remedy is creating.

Should You Play Control’s AWE DLC?

Remedy’s FAQ and community discussions suggest that while it’s not necessary to play Control’s AWE DLC to understand Alan Wake 2, it is recommended for fans who want to delve deeper into Remedy’s wider universe. Alan Wake makes a cameo in Control’s second DLC, which essentially confirms that the two games are connected.

So, in all, you don’t have to play Control to understand Alan Wake 2. However, if you’re a fan of Remedy’s storytelling and interconnected universe, playing Control and its AWE DLC can offer a more enriched experience. Whether you decide to play Control or not, Alan Wake 2 is designed to be an enjoyable experience for all.

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