How to Get Tor’s Cloak in Anime Last Stand


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If you’re after to evolve Flash in Anime Last Stand, who is based on the iconic Minato from the hit anime and manga series Naruto, then you’re going to need Tor’s Cloak. Here’s everything you need to know to get Tor’s Cloak and evolve Flash into Dask Flash in ALS.

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Anime Last Stand Tor’s Cloak Guide – How to Get

To get Tor’s Cloak, you need to finish a specific act of ALS Story Mode. You have to beat Act 6 in the Sand Village on Nightmare difficulty. It’s crucial to know that trying this on Normal difficulty won’t let you get Tor’s Headband. On Nightmare difficulty, you have to be brave and go through all 15 waves of challenges to earn your rewards.

We’re not sure about the drop chance of getting Tor’s Cloak. Normally, when you need two items to evolve a unit, one is harder to find than the other. So, if the chance of getting Tor’s Headband, the other item needed to evolve Flash, is 35%, we can only guess if the chance of getting Tor’s Cloak will be higher or lower. I’ll update the drop chance of Tor’s Cloak when we have more information.

You need 10 Tor’s Cloaks to evolve Flash into Dark Flash, but as I said above, you also need an item called Tor’s Headband, and you need ten of them also.

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