How to Get Tor’s Headband in Anime Last Stand


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If you’re a player of the popular Roblox game Anime Last Stand (ALS), you may have acquired the character Flash, who is based on the iconic Minato from the hit anime and manga series Naruto. To further empower Flash and evolve him into Dark Flash, you must obtain Tor’s Headband.

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Anime Last Stand Tor’s Headband Guide – How to Get

To obtain Tor’s Headband, you must complete a certain Act within ALS Story Mode. Specifically, you must conquer Sand Village Act 6 on Nightmare difficulty. It’s important to note that attempting this on Normal difficulty will not provide you with the opportunity to acquire Tor’s Headband. In Nightmare difficulty, you must bravely navigate through all 15 waves of challenges to get your rewards.

Upon successfully completing Sand Village Act 6 on Nightmare difficulty, there is a 35% chance of obtaining Tor’s Headband. This means that you will need to repeat this act multiple times in order to collect the required 10 of Tor’s Headbands to evolve Flash.

In addition to collecting 10 Tor’s Headbands, you must also acquire an evolution item known as Tor’s Cloak. This item is also essential for evolving Flash into Dark Flash

By following these steps and completing Sand Village Act 6 on Nightmare difficulty, you can gradually work towards obtaining Tor’s Headband and progressing in Anime Last Stand.

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