Save up to 45% on these incredible Drop mechanical keyboards right now


Finding a great gaming keyboard deal is hard, especially when marketplaces like Amazon are flooded with off-brand names that don’t have a reliable pedigree. However, right now the Drop CTRL, ALT, and Shift keyboards are all on sale, with up to $120 in savings possible on each board.

We rank the Drop CSTM80 among the best gaming keyboards, as one of the best choices for enthusiasts thanks to its hot-swappable PCB and incredible tactile feel. Now, you can bag yourself one of Drop’s more premium-feeling gaming-focused designs with a discount of up to 45%.

First up we have the Drop CTRL, a TKL gaming keyboard that is available in a barebones configuration for $109, down from $170 for the low-profile model, whereas the high-profile model now costs $149, down from $220.

If you want your switches and keycaps included, the Drop CTRL is available with either a Cherry MX Blue setup for $195, down from $295, or a Cherry MX Brown config for $149, down from $240.

Next up is the Drop ALT, a 65% keyboard with 67 keys. There is a choice of light and dark grayscale designs, with the switch choices once again determining the price. The Drop ALT is available for between $114 and $149.95, with each board having a saving of at least 32% versus the MSRP.

Finally, we have the Drop SHIFT, the only full-size model available in the sale, but it only comes in a barebones setup, meaning you’ll need to add your own switches and keycaps for all 87 keys. The SHIFT is available for $119, down from $199.97, giving you a saving of 40%

Buying a barebones keyboard is a great way to show off your creativity, but options such as the new Epomaker Brick 87 also offer incredible fully equipped setups if you’d rather not do the legwork yourself.

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