How to Get Golden Tickets in Blade Ball


Blade Ball, the popular Roblox game, has introduced a permanent Tournament mode with a Tournament Crate that adds an exciting element to the game, allowing players to compete against each other and progress through the brackets. Winning in the Tournament mode rewards players with Coins and various other goodies!

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Blade Ball Golden Tournament Tickets Guide

So, how can players get their hands on these coveted Golden Tickets in Blade Ball? There are a few ways to acquire them, ranging from claiming free tickets and winning in Tournaments to purchasing them via Robux. You can claim one free Golden Ticket by snagging the new code found here.

To start, players can obtain Golden Tickets for free by interacting with the Tournament Crate in the main lobby every other Day or even daily to make sure you can claim. All you have to do is click on the Day to claim the Ticket.

  • On day 1, you’ll get 1 Ticket.
  • Day 3, five Tickets.
  • Day 5, more Tickets
  • Day 7, loads of Tickets.
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Another method of obtaining Golden Tickets is by participating in Tournaments and achieving victories. Each win in a game rewards players with 1 Golden Ticket. With five rounds in a Tournament, players have multiple chances to secure victories and earn tickets along the way.

Furthermore, emerging triumphant in Tournaments yields an impressive sum of 5 Golden Tickets. Combining Tournament wins with victories in individual games; players can potentially accumulate a total of 10 Golden Tickets by conquering the entire Tournament.

For those who prefer a more direct approach, Golden Tickets can also be acquired by purchasing them with Robux. This option offers a convenient alternative for players who wish to acquire tickets without undergoing the rigors of Tournament competition, allowing them to access desirable items such as the Diamond Sword and other rewards featured in the Tournament Crate.

The availability of tickets for purchase via Robux is as follows:

  • 3 Tickets for 99 Robux
  • 15 Tickets for 399 Robux
  • 30 Tickets for 699 Robux
  • 75 Tickets for 1299 Robux
Blade Ball Golden Tickets Robux
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All Rewards in Tournament Crates

There are nine rewards you can get from Tournament Crates after opening them with a Golden Ticket:

  • Bronze World is a 25% chance
  • Silver Blade is a 20% chance
  • Golden Sword is a 10% chance
  • Diamond Sword is a 5% chance
  • Comic Boom Explosion is a 10% chance
  • One Arm Push-Up Emote is a 16% chance
  • Bye Bye Emote is a 10% chance
  • Trophy Bump Emote is a 3% chance
  • Secret Sword/Explosion is a 1% chance

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