How to Get Flash in Anime Last Stand


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If you’re looking to add the impressive and powerful Flash unit in Anime Last Stand unit to your collection, here’s a guide on how to get this Exotic unit inspired by Minato from the anime and manga Naruto.

If you’re after some codes, head to our codes page and see what you can get! If you want to know how to get Portals and All Unit Drop Rates from Portals in Anime Last Stand, check out these guides!

Anime Last Stand Flash Guide – How to Get

The only way to get Flash is currently exclusively available through the use of specific codes. This means that you cannot obtain this unit through summoning on any Banners, including both 1 and 2, or by unlocking him via the story mode, challenge, or Infinite mode. The sole method to add Flash, also known as Minato, to your roster is by redeeming the designated codes. To obtain Flash check out our codes article and ensure to redeem the latest code provided.

Similar to Gogeta and Drip Zami, if you haven’t redeemed the codes for these units, your chances of obtaining them are currently slim. You will have to wait until the developers of Anime Last Stand decide to reintroduce them with a new code.

While there is a possibility that, in the future, these code redemption units may become available through banners or other in-game challenges, such as Yuta and his Secret Portal, as of now, the only way to add Flash to your arsenal is through specific codes.

If you want to know how to evolve Flash, we have a guide for you: How to Evolve Flash in Anime Last Stand.

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