Sparkle Banner Countdown – Release Time & Date


Honkai Star Rail 2.0 brings a new character to the Astral Train, Sparkle, a new Quantum Five-Star! We know you’re just as eager to warp for Sparkle as we are, so there is no need to keep looking at the clock for when she releases. Just stick around and use our Sparkle banner countdown for Honkai Star Rail.

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Honkai Star Rail Sparkle Banner Release Time Countdown

Players can warp on the Sparkle banner ‘Sparkling Splendor’ in HSR when it releases on February 28/29th, 2024, depending on where you live in the world. Once the countdown hits zero, you’re set to warp for Sparkle in Honkai Star Rail.

Sparkle Banner Countdown for America Servers

Sparkle Banner is now available in America!

Sparkle Banner Countdown for Europe Servers

Sparkle Banner is now available in Europe!

Sparkle Banner Count for Asia Servers

Sparkle Banner is now available in Asia!

Sparkle Banner Gacha Rates in Honkai Star Rail

Star Rarity Pull Rate
5-Star Character: 0.6%
5-Star Guaranteed after 90 total warps
4-Star Character: 2.55%
4-Star Guaranteed after 10 total warps
Light Cones: 2.55%
3-Star Light Cones: 94.3%

Who Are the Four-Star Characters in Sparkle Banner in HSR?

These are the Four-Star characters you can get in Sparkle’s Banner in HSR 2.0:


If you are interested in a wind character or enjoy obliterating enemies with two Damage over Time (DoT) fighters, then Sampo is a fantastic option. While his Eidolons are not essential, having just one of him will suffice. Sampo can effortlessly break shields and provide an Ultimate buff to support any fellow DoT characters (e.g., Wind Shear, Shock, etc). Additionally, he easily refreshes his own debuff by using normal attacks, making him ideal for generating skill points for characters with a high skill point demand.


Qingque shows her worth when facing quantum-weak enemies, but her overall performance as a generalist DPS is overshadowed by other 4-star characters due to skill point constraints. While she can serve as a proficient auto-attacker subDPS, she is notably surpassed by Tingyun in this regard.


Hanya stands out as a universally beneficial character in Honkai: Star Rail, especially when matched with units that can fully utilize her abilities. Serving as a Physical support character, Hanya excels in offering damage buffs and SP generation.

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