How To Get Sanji In Roblox Anime Unlimited: Reborn (AR:U)


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Sanji is one of the new characters added to Roblox Anime Unlimited: Reborn. He’s highly sought after since the update names him specifically. Below, we’ll list some simple steps to add this powerful character to your collection.

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How Do I Unlock Sanji In Anime Unlimited: Reborn?

Unlocking Sanji is a lot easier than it seems. If you’re curious, I’ve listed the step-by-step way below:

  1. Navigate to the character icon on the right side of your screen in Anime Unlimited: Reborn.
    • Remember, the hero menu icon is positioned above the regular icons.
  2. Look for the distinct blonde hair and purple outfit to identify Sanji in the character shop.
  3. Once you locate Sanji, purchase him for 40,000 cash from the hero menu.

How Much Is The Sanji Skin in AU:R?

The Sanji skin in AU:R costs 40,000 cash to purchase from the hero menu. It’s one of the higher priced characters and to be honest isn’t worth it. He’s nothing really special and we’ve seen many players complain about the price.

If you’re looking for him, keep an eye out for the character icon on the right side of your screen to get to the skin shop. Scroll through the character shop to find Sanji. Once you’ve located him, you can acquire him and make up your own mind on whether or not he’s worth it.

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