How to Get Red Dragon Empress in Anime Last Stand


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Are you looking to obtain the Red Dragon Empress unit in Anime Last Stand? Inspired by the character Rias Gremory from High School DxD, this special unit can be acquired through specific steps in the game, more specifically, Portals.

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Anime Last Stand Red Dragon Empress Guide

To get Red Dragon Empress in Anime Last Stand, players need to utilize the Portals introduced in Update 2 of Anime Last Stand. By entering and successfully completing Tier 5 and Secret Portals, players can unlock the opportunity to obtain this exotic unit. You should be made aware that the Red Dragon Empress is currently unattainable from the Banners or any other source.

When it comes to drop rates, Tier 5 Portals provide a 3% chance to acquire Red Dragon Empress, while Secret Portals offer the highest chance at a 4% drop rate. Red Dragon Empress is the last of the Exotic units, not including Yuta and Shiny Yuta, and has the lowest drop rate.

For players aiming to maximize their chances of obtaining Red Dragon Empress, you don’t have much of a choice apart from grinding Tier 5 Portals, but on the bright side, you may get a Secret Portal as a reward to get your hands on Yuta.

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