Helldivers 2 storms up Valve’s official Steam Deck Top 100 list


In support of the Spring Steam Sale, Valve has released its official Steam Deck Top 100 list based on playtime from March 2023 until now. While there are plenty of familiar faces that have previously dominated the monthly playtime charts, Helldivers 2 has found itself well ahead of long-standing favorites.

For those on the hunt for the best Steam Deck games, this list is an essential resource. Helldivers 2 is joined by a plethora of excellent entries, spanning all types of genre, that would all make for fine additions to any Steam Deck library, or Steam collection for that matter.

Helldivers 2 finds itself in 34th place out of the 100 games on the list, which is an impressive feat for any game given the caliber of the competition, but is all the more so in this case. Helldivers has achieved this feat in just over a month, beating Steam Deck titans such as Fallout: New Vegas and more.

This marks a miraculous comeback of sorts for the game, as Helldivers 2 was a nightmare on Steam Deck at launch. Thankfully, Helldivers 2 Steam Deck compatibility has greatly improved thanks to the hard work of developer Arrowhead Studios, with Valve’s portable PC now proving to be a great way to save democracy across the galaxy.

Looking at the Steam Deck top 100 list more broadly, Baldur’s Gate 3 lost out to Palworld in February but the D&D RPG finds itself the back on top in this year-long popularity contest. Despite being available in early access months ahead of release, BG3 only found itself a Steam Deck darling from August 2023 onwards, making its top spot here similarly impressive.

The majority of the list naturally comprises both ‘Verified’ and ‘Playable’ games, but there are surprisingly some ‘Unsupported’ entries too. Both Starfield and Granblue Fantasy: Relink make the cut here, with players seemingly able to tolerate running the game on Steam Deck despite Valve deeming it impossible to configure them to run well on the device.

The Spring Steam Sale runs from March 14 – March 21, 2024, so you have plenty of time to pore over the list and pick up some new games for your library. If you’re thinking about picking up the handheld, give our Steam Deck OLED review a read ahead of buying.

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