How to Get The Hunt Badge in Death Ball


Death Ball is participating in The Hunt: First Edition event, and of course, it has a badge you can acquire! This guide will tell you everything you need to know to get the badge and all the moves Korblox, the boss, will throw at you!

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Death Ball The Hunt Badge Guide and How to Get

To get the Death Ball The Hunt Badge, you must defeat the raid boss called Korblox. To do this, head to The Hunt First Edition entrance (it’s hard to miss) in the main lobby and press E to enter the Boss Lobby. You’ll be taken to the Raid Lobby, and once loading, head towards The Hunt: First Edition door to get into a queue. Each game can only hold 14 people, but you can play with less, so it shouldn’t take you that long to get started.

Once the boss fight has started, you can deflect the ball back at the boss as if you were playing an ordinary game of Death Ball until the red health bar above the boss goes empty. You have five lives, so give hits. If you get hit once, it will take away one of your lives. This means you will be eliminated from this boss fight if you get hit more than five times.

However, it’s not that simple. The boss will fight back using special moves that you have to avoid, such as Stomp and more.

Death Ball Jumping Over Blue Beams Of Energy
Image: Premiumsalad

When the boss uses Stomp, a blue beam appears and moves from one end of the field to the other. To avoid them, you just have to jump over them. They might use a single stomp for one blue beam or Stomp many times in succession, so you have to dodge a few beams in a row.

They’ll start using more moves after the boss has been hurt a bit. The next move in the boss’s arsenal is a red-highlighted attack. After a few seconds, all the red highlights will explode in a beam of light upwards, so you must avoid standing in the red. Just remember, you still need to deflect the ball back at Korblox.

Death Ball Vertical Blue Light And Red Highlight
Image: Premiumsalad

The more health Korblox uses the more moves it will use at once. So, the blue beam stomps and the red highlight will start to appear together, and the speed of each move will begin to quicken.

Death Ball Blue Energy Beam And Balls
Image: Premiumsalad

Once Korblox is under half health, more moves are introduced, such as Silence and Summoning Balls. Silence hits all players and will stop you from using any of your skills, so you have to rely on your Deflect move only. But this will fade after a while, and you can use your abilities again.

The balls appear big at first, which is easy to avoid, but then smaller ones start to appear. However, these are just like the blue beam stomp attacks, and you can jump over them.

In time, once Koblox has a quarter of health left, they will start using every single one of these moves together, and the entire screen will be filled with his moves, as shown in the image below. After defeating the boss, you’ll get The Hunt Badge for Death Ball.

Death Ball Walls Of Blue Energy Balls
Image: Premiumsalad

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