How to Get The Hunt Badge in Pet Simulator 99


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This The Hunt Badge is one of the easiest badges to get in the entirety of The Hunt: First Edition event. Since Pet Simulator 99 has been out for a while, many people will have already unlocked the Area needed to get the badge. Even if you haven’t, getting to the Area needed won’t take you long at all. Here’s everything you need to know to get The Hunt Badge in Pet Simulator 99.

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Pet Simulator 99 Hunt Badge and How to Get

To get the Hunt Badge in Pet Simulator 99, you must have reached Area 20, the Beach. If you have already completed the game a few times and rebirthed, this shouldn’t be an issue for you. But if you are a new player, you need to mine coins and hatch eggs to acquire more pets and more coins to purchase your way to Area, the Beach.

You know when you’re in Area 20, as this is where the Daycare is, so you can drop your pets off to earn rewards when you’re offline. The second you unlock this Area, you will get The Hunt badge for Pet Simulator 99. Just look at the board to the right of the Daycare to see if you have the badge or not.

Pet Simulator 99 The Hunt Badge Beach Notice Board
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If you have already unlocked Area 20, you should have automatically locked the badge the second The Hunt event started upon logging into the game. However, if you did not, head to Area 20 via cannon and see if the noticeboard says Congrats, The Hunt: First Edition Badge quest finished!

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