What Does the Pet Simulator 99 Exclusive Daycare Do?


In Pet Simulator 99, the new Exclusive Daycare in Update 7 provides new opportunities for pet owners to get in-game rewards. This unique Daycare allows players to enroll their Huge and Titanic pets for in-game rewards, but what exactly is it?

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Pet Simulator 99 Exclusive Daycare Guide

The Exclusive Daycare in Pet Simulator 99 is to help players accumulate diamonds. Pet owners can place a single Huge or Titanic pet into this Daycare and can claim diamonds that the pet farms for each day for a set time period. It’s important to note that if a player misses a day of claiming these diamonds, they will miss out on that day’s worth of diamonds. As a result, it is essential to regularly check back on the enrolled pets to ensure that no diamonds are missed.

For those curious about the rewards, it’s worth noting that the quality of the pet added to the Exclusive Daycare directly impacts the rewards received. With three time slots available for pet stays – 3 days, 12 days, and 30 days – the longer the pet remains in the Daycare, the greater the potential gems that can be earned. Some Huge or Titanic pets can earn 50,000 Diamonds a day, but those that are shiny and exclusive have the potential to yield substantial gains from 750,000 diamonds per day.

Image: BIG Games Pets

The Exclusive Daycare is particularly beneficial for players who have a large number of pets, especially Huge or Titanic ones like Bat Cat or Corgi, who may not be actively contributing to their team. By enrolling these pets in the Exclusive Daycare, players can now put these pets to good use and earn Diamonds simultaneously. This is especially advantageous for free-to-play players who may be seeking alternative ways to obtain gems for purchasing new pet upgrades and other in-game items and may be running low.

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